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So every Monday I am writing about the magic that appears in my life from the previous week.

It doesn’t have to be big. You’ll see from my examples they can actually be really small.

It’s all those random and chance encounters and events. The things that make you realize why things happen in your life. They are all for a reason.

I like doing this every week as it forces you to pay attention to the miracles of your life each day and be grateful for them.

The more you notice, the better you feel and  the more magic you’ll get

Interview With Norbert from Globotreks

I had set up an interview with Norbert from GloboTreksfor my y travel blog cafe podcast. I timed it for 6am. When you have children it is hard to get the timing right, and Craig was in WA so I had no back up help.

I woke at 5:15 thinking Savannah would have woken by now for her early morning feed, but she was sound asleep. I hoped she would make it through now until 7am, like she sometimes does.

Kalyra woke at 5:30am, which she never does, but I managed to get her back to sleep. Savannah woke at 5:50am. She had a quick feed and then went straight back to bed, just in time for my 6am call. Kalyra woke again at 7am, right when me interview finished. Perfection!

Magical mojo Mondays

Magical Mondays

Homeopathic Remedies for Travel Vaccinations

I suddenly realized I needed vaccinations for my upcoming trip to Thailand. Except I could not go to the doctor; it was the weekend and then come today I would be on a press trip. I remembered just as I was going to my appointment with my homeopath. Something told me to just ask to see if she did potions for travel vaccinations, thinking she wouldn’t.

I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to walk out of there with potions for malaria and typhoid! Yay!

Magical Monday Meme Rules

I guess we gotta have rules for this sort of thing

1. You will have a week from one Monday to the next to link to your post.

2. You can call your post what you like as long as it talks about magic in your life link to it here.

3. I will have a badge by next week (fingers crossed) so you can put it on your site if that is what you wish to do. (I think this is how you do these meme linky things) I’m still trying to learn photoshop so bear with my brain.

4. It would be wonderful if you could visit some of the links below and leave insightful, positive comments. It’s a great way to connect with likeminded people. The more you see the magic in others lives the more you’ll see it in your own.

5. Share the Magical Monday Meme (well not really a rule, but love spreading the positive vibe.)


Go on then, start linking

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  • Johanna

    You’re so right about needing to be aware and watch out for the daily miracles that occur in our lives. It’s so easy to overlook the little things which have big impacts, specially when everyone is so busy these days. I love the way your blog helps to centre us and bring us back to what’s important. Like a little magic, and miracles and daily blessings.


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