Inspirational People To Feature on Mojito Mother Podcast

I am going through a whole site redesign at the moment. I want to change the look of a few things, some of the functions of my blog, and of course content.

Planning like this is always a headache and always a task in motion. There is the fear that lingers that your changes won’t be well received. But, if you don’t evolve you die, so the changes are important.

If they don’t work, I’ll just switch it up again. Know that on my blog things can change easily. I can’t operate well to schedules because I am more of a flow person. Understanding that life is always changing I can’t compartmentalize it. I’ve learned not to fight against the way my mind works but to just embrace it.

I love doing my Mojito Mother podcasts, but sometimes I struggle with coming up with content and actually finding the time to do it.

I’ve really wanted to start interviewing people for a long time but have been too chicken. You don’t get far in life by being scared.

It’s time to just do it.

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Inspirational people only

I’m looking for inspirational people to interview on the podcast. Those who are living their dreams, overcoming obstacles and challenges, and those who have something valuable to offer the listeners and readers of my community, which are not just women. I have a few men lurking around and enjoying themselves.

I don’t just want to interview only women, because I believe in the ying and yang. Men have so much they can offer as well. Each of us need a bit of the men’s masculine yang in us. (mind out of the gutter please!)

The focus will be on sharing your story, or expertise.

I’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in sharing their story. You can comment below or send me an email at caz [at] mojitomother [dot] come.

Let me know what you feel you can share with the community and what you would like to focus on.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Please leave a comment below if there is anyone in particular you would like to hear from and any certain topics.

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  • Sarah

    Hi Caz

    I would love to be part of yr podcasts. Our move from the uk to Sydney has been huge and amazing




    • Caz

      I would love to have you Sarah! I’ll send you through an email with some info


  • Kimberley

    That sounds like a great idea Caz – I can’t wait to see who you interview! I love hearing inspiring life stories, you can always learn something from other people’s journeys. 🙂 x


    • Caz

      So excitig Kimberly. I have three wonderful ladies lined up already.


  • Tracey

    Hey Caz. I would love to hear from Serena Star Leonard. The book she wrote “How to retire in 12 months” is part of the reason our family is travelling for the whole of 2012! I did her website launchpad course and she seems like a really nice, good person too. Her website is Hope this helps! Can’t wait for this interview series.


    • Caz

      Awesom Tracey, thank you so much for the recommendation. I am going to check her out and see if I can get her on a podcast.


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