Have You Made Someone Smile Today?

I received an email from a reader the other day giving me positive feedback in regards to my newsletter and another in regards to my podcast.

I can’t tell you how much it made me want to dance the jig. Most of the time I feel I have no idea what I am doing and I just do it, without ever knowing if it is received well or not.

I hate doing things that don’t work, but sometimes you just can’t tell if they do or not.

That is why I love it when I receive this feedback, and it doesn’t have to always be good, it just helps me to know what to do.

It made me think of the importance of taking time to let others know how they are doing.

I try to make an effort to offer compliments and encouragement to anyone I meet in person. Whether I remark about the dress they are wearing, or the wisdom of their words, or how much they are making a difference to others.

I think this is so important as something so small can have a dramatic difference on the day of another person. You could be the only smile that brightened their face for the day.

Have you made someone smile today?

Brighten someone's day with a smile

I think we all need to think more about this.

Have I helped someone smile today? Have I helped them feel good? Have I let them know how well they are doing, or where they can do better?

I think for the majority of us we are moving through life without a manual, we are doing the best we can, and we hurt a lot just from life’s struggles.

We never feel pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough, or just enough.

If there is one thing you can do to improve your own life, is to take time each day to add that smile to someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be big, just let them know how well they are doing in a certain area and how much you appreciate them.

Go on, it feels wonderful, for them and for you.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How have you made someone smile today?

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  • Kelly Exeter

    Love this Caz. Last year I too experienced the energising power of a nice word and resolved to make more of an effort to let people know if I thought they were doing a good job! Us humans are quick to put a complaint into writing – but seldom take the time to highlight a job well done!


    • Caz

      I know. I have to really make a conscious effort to do less of the complaining and more of the praising. Gosh we are so muddled up aren’t we?


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