Shopping with My Girls At BIG W

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I really love being the mother of two girls. It means we get to do fun things together like shopping!

With my girls at Gloria Jeans

Shopping time!

Kalyra is a mad shopper. Since from about walking age, I have had to drag her away from the shoe aisle. She would run from one rack to the other trying on all different shoes, ladies and girls, and parading down the aisles.

She then moves to the clothes racks, holding up dresses and jackets quietly summing up whether they are the perfect fit for her diva self or not. She is also quite helpful when it comes time for me to purchase a new outfit, advising me what looks good and how to co-ordinate it with my shoes and handbags.

After sharing a bowl of Tom Yung Goong together, we headed out to Big W to restock our wardrobes.

Kalyra eating Tom Yung Goong

We love sharing a bowl of Tom Yung Goong

I was quite impressed with the range and style of their clothes. Obviously with young children, I am looking at high quality, yet affordable, clothing. Something that will last awhile as we know our babies and toddlers are all about rough and tumble, and splashing paint about at school.

Kalyra and I were very happy to see our American favourite, Osh Kosh, stocked on the shelves. We used to visit those outlets near our home in America and spend up. I thought the prices were pretty reasonable considering it is a high end brand.

Osh Kosh at Big W baby and toddler range

Love me some Osh Kosh

In fact I found all the prices in the Big W baby and toddler range to be very similar to US prices, and I am sure we all know that clothes in the US are cheap.

Kalyra was itching to buy everything in sight, but I made her practice the art of patience while we first chose Savannah’s clothes.

Savannah asleep during Big W shop

Missing out on the shopping

Savannah was too busy doing something else, so I had to rely on Kalyra’s very helpful fashion expertise. Pink was the colour of the day (Actually it is the colour of every day)

shopping at Big W

It's a pinky kind of life

Her terry coverall jumpsuit, a bargain at $4.74, and it is actually really soft, not scratchy like these sorts of suits usually are. These sorts of suits are so good for cuddles and seems to slow my baby down from rapid growth. They remind me that she really is still my little baby.

Savannah's Big W clothes

Savannah's clothes

A floral print shirt ($13.48) which looks cute with her pair of jeans that were only $9 and have cute bows on the back pockets, and a gorgeous knit cardigan ($12.95) and a pink long sleeved T with flowers printed on it ($4.48).

Kalyra wanted to buy every princess dress on the rack

Kalyra shopping at Big W

No fairy costumes for today

but we settled instead for a very cute printed blue long sleeved shirt ($4.48), a pink ribbed Tee ($5). I was shocked at the cheap prices as the shirts were good quality and I have paid far more for very similar in different stores

Kalyra's clothes at Big W

Kalyra's clothes

A pair of jeans- I was so surprised that she willingly tried these on and wanted to wear them. It is hard to get her in jeans. She loves wearing only dresses, but the stylish tapered cut were a winner and I thought so too at $9.

kalyras sparkly jacket

kalyras sparkly jacket

They looked really cute with her sparkly white sleeveless jacket ($19.95). This is one of my own favourite items to wear during the winter.

And of course we could not leave without this dress ($15), which she now does not want to take off. I have to admit it is pretty darn cute.

Kalyras new dress at Big W

Kalyras new dress at Big W

Apart from the cute and affordable clothes, Big W has a whole range of products for baby and toddlers including baby car seats, baby high chairs, and baby cots. It’s funny, but I had two separate conversations later that evening with family and friends talking about the new range of baby products at Big W they couldn’t wait to check out. I gave them my first hand experience of shopping with the girls today.

There is nothing like finishing a shopping trip with coffee and cake.  Us girls went and plonked ourselves down at Gloria Jeans and talked about our day together.

Coffee and cake time

Coffee and cake time

Kalyra begged me to wear her new dress so she could show it off to her Daddy. I relented, despite being a cold day.

There’s just no stopping a girl in a pretty dress.


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  • Danimezza

    Beautiful day out with your girls and loved what you picked up for them. I’m glad Aidan enjoys shopping as much as I do 😛


  • Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    Your shopping experience looked a little more fun than mine. I had CrashBoy careering around the store with his own trolley basket causing mayhem! I love that printed Georgette top you got – I couldn’t find it :(. But we found lots of other great basics. I was pretty impressed how far $100 goes!


    • Caz

      I was impressed as well. And the clothes were really great quality. I was pleasantly surprised. Kalyra can have some crazy shopping moments too but she was in the right zone on this trip


  • Bek @ Just For Daisy

    What a lovely day out! Isn’t BIG W’s range great at the moment. I’m also loving their range for women!


    • Caz

      There clothes are really cute. I have to check out the women’s range. I’ve just skimmed past them as I’ve always been focused on getting something else.


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