Cocobella Coconut Water- The Cool Summer Drink

I am a nut for health related products.

I’m happy to first seek alternative forms of therapy before entering the cold, depressing rooms of a doctor’s surgery, I’m a vegetarian because I believe it is healthier for our bodies, Spirulina is a natural part of my daily routine, and I’m all for practicing meditation and yoga daily.

So when I was given the chance to participate in a Product Talk by Nuffnang to review Cocobella Coconut Water, I shot my fist in the air, jumped up and down with shouts of,

“Me Please. Me please.”

Cocobella coconut water

I’ve known about the benefits of coconuts, and coconut juice for a long time. Living in Thailand and spending a year or two travelling the South East Asian region has taught me that coconut water has powerful health benefits.

Some of the benefits include super hydration, speeding up your metabolism, boosting the immune system and balancing the body’s PH.

cocobella coconut water

Straight up

Cocobella Coconut Water has been dubbed “nature’s own sport drink” offering the ultimate hydration. It is naturally rich in electrolytes, with 3 times as much as leading sports drinks.

Cocobella Coconut Water comes in 4 varieties: “Straight up” which is 100% pure coconut water, and three fruit juice blends: pineapple, mango and pink guava.

Is Cocobella Coconut Water for Me?


I love it. It is refreshing, light and tasty, and the biggest plus is that I know I am putting good health into my body.

What I loved about Cocobella is that I was getting my juice fix, which never came with that sweet, acidity after taste. It was pure, non-sugary goodness.

cocobella coconut water

Yummy mango

The mango flavour floated my boat the most, giving me that tropical feel that goes nicely with coconuts. The “straight up” flavour was a little hard to drink as its flavour is very strong and unusual. I was expecting that as I have had young green coconut juice before.

There is one major caveat I must tell you though,

Cocobella Coconut Juice will cause arguments with your children.

In an effort to be a good sharing caring mother, I offered for Kalyra to share my juice with me.

After one sip, she ran off with it and refused to let me have any more of her juice. A battle ensued which ended up her on the floor in tantrum fits, demanding I get my own Coconut juice.

Cocobella coconut water

Get your own

We had a quiet conversation and by the time pineapple tasting  rolled around after two days of me making her patiently wait, she became a wonderful coconut-juice-sharing friend.

Cocobella is the newest rage of celebs who are making it the coolest drink to sip on this summer.

I was hoping to add my cool factor to the list by sipping on the Pink Guava during labour!

Oh how our child birthing plans change once those contractions hit!!

I had to settle for the in-hospital look a day later.

cocobella coconut water

Rehydrating myself in hospital

Cocobella Coconut Water can be purchased at Coles, Woolies, Fitness First, and independent retailers. Cocobella is $3 per 250ml pack

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you tried Cocobella before?

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  • Mrs Woog

    Thanks for sharing darls. I am suspect of this latest “celeb” driven product. Like the collagen drink? Looks like you enjoyed it. Even while breastfeeding! X


  • Christine

    One of my favorite Whole Foods finds! It’s a gem for hangovers 🙂


  • Patricia Rennhackkamp

    I drink a lot of coconut water and give a lot of it to my kids. They love it, but I prefer the pure coconut water and not the one with added fruit juice. Like you I am very health conscious and are very focussed on feeding the best of what I can find and afford to my kids. Unless fruit juice is cold pressed and fresh, I do not believe it very healthy for anyone, especially kids. But at least the fruit jucie added to the coconut water is diluted, so in that sense it is better than your standard commercial fruit juice. And as a result a nice treat for now and then. I enjoyed reading that you also seek alternative remedies and treatments for your kids rather than taking them to a doctor’s surgery. I believe doctors are very necessary, but definitely search for more natural approaches in everything and you can see the difference in my kids. I so enjoy reading about other people’s experiences and approaches.


    • Caz

      Doctors are great for those essential cures- like for accidents etc. Not so great for preventing sickness which is the responsibility of us to take care of!


  • SawHole

    I am on lithium, so constantly thirsty. So I will give it a try. Anything to get rid of my sandpaper throat.
    Congrats on your new Bub.


    • Caz Makepeace

      You’ll love it Lisa, will help soothe your throat and give you a boost. I hope you are doing well. Have not seen you around in a long time xx


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