How to have radiant skin

I’m super excited to share with you my latest discovery.

Since we started our road trip, I’ve been in photos a lot more and I wasn’t liking what I was seeing. I was looking haggard, dull, and dry. I had to do something and fast. It was freaking me out so much I’d spend minutes scrutinizing my face in the mirror and noticing all the lines etching out a deep path.

I wanted to slam on the brakes and scream, “I’m just not ready yet!” (Seriously will we ever be?)

I didn’t want the latest skin miracle cream from the likes of L’Oreal. Seriously, how could a bunch of sludgy chemicals change your face?

Nature is my elixir.

I turned to Sarah Wilson, my go girl for all things radiance and natural health.

I found this post recommending Maria, from Econest and downloaded her eBook- simple natural beauty tips.

I raced to the nearest health store for a range of oil products.

My natural beauty skin care products

Cleansing: I use Organic Jojoba oil from Natural Alternative.

Toning: Rosewater and Chamomile balancing toner from Springfields and I also use Rosewater Mist from Vrindavan.

Moisturizer: Organic Rosehip Oil from Natural Alternative. I’ve also used Rosehip Oil from Trilogy and Jojoba cream from Jojoba Company

Clay Mask: I use red clay from Vrindavan. So earthy and makes me skin feel so soft.

It cost me about $50 to buy an oil cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Judging by the amount I’ve used after a month, it should last for 6-7 months. (Rosehip oil probably 3 months) Pretty cheap skin care right?

Why I love natural skin care with oils

Going by the Ayurvedic principles, I’m a vata body type. This means I love warmth and oils. I used to hate washing my face,especially with soaps and other cleanses as it felt so cold and stripping.

It was just not a soul to body warming process for me.

I’m in love with the process of my natural oil beauty routine. I massage a little of the jojoba oil on my face and my skin gobbles it up. No cold water or washing needed.

With a hot face cloth draped over my face I allow it to seep in. I lap up the heat.

Then I give a refreshing spray of the tonic. In the mornng, I smear a few drops of rosehip oil on. My face instantly feels soft, moist and clean.

It’s so calming, so enriching, so cleansing and so clean and healthy for my skin.

I’ve been following this routine for over a month now and while my wrinkles haven’t disappeared, my skin is glowing and has life again. It feels so soft and supple.

And, I’m no longer getting pimples. I used to suffer from a lot of pimples especially on my neck. I’ve only had one since following this natural beauty skin care regime with oils.

I now rarely wear make up. I’ve even drastically reduced my reliance on the BB cream- probably 1-2 days a week only. ( a good sun glow is helping me give that up.)

Using oils for natural skin care is simple, cheap and portable.

I’m all about the oils now- returning to the mother earth and treating my skin and body to pure and wholesome products.

I’ve just finished a sweep of my toiletary bag to get rid of any lotions and potions that are not oil based and I can’t eat.

Next step, turning to all natural hair care products. I’m nervous about this one!

Why don’t you join me and return to natural skin care products. Go to your health food shop and get some oils. Discover the radiant difference and let me know what you think.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you use natural skin care products? What are some of our favourite?

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  • Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    I use oils too and love the ritual of it. My skin really responds. Some other brands to try are MooGoo and Dr Leuwinn.


  • Bonny

    I’ve never tried using oil as a cleanser before as it seems counterintuitive, but I find most cleansers too harsh and soapy for sensitive skin so maybe I should give oils a go.

    As for natural hair care, try using coconut oil as a leave in conditioner. On my hair it works like a magic spell for silky softness!


  • Dianne Bortoletto

    Great post. I use either sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil as a body moisturiser and both work wonders, esp for sun kissed skin. I’ll try the face regime. I love natural and organic products. Can’t ply my skin with chemicals and refuse to make multinational companies any richer! Thanks Caz x


    • Caz Makepeace

      Agree. I will have to look for some almond oil. I read almond jelly, which is what you get from an almond that is not quite ripe, is the best thing for your skin. Apparently it is hard to find though.


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