A Sugar Free Christmas Menu plan

It’s very exciting to be in complete control over Christmas this year. I get to prepare healthy, yummy food that I love.

It’s far too easy to overindulge over Christmas and Craig and I are focused on good eating and reducing our sugar intake. We definitely notice the impact it has on the girls and no longer want to make choices that affect their well being in such a negative way.

I was worried about Christmas. Chocolate and yummy food usually go with it well. But, I’ve learned this year that the tastiest food is also the ones that make us feel good.

Sarah Wilson has really helped me to embrace food without sugar, so much so that I can barely eat sweet foods. They make me feel sick.

So of course I jumped straight onto her site to buy her I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook. And because I am so keen on making the girls aware they can eat chocolate for breakfast (if its the right sort), I also got the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook too.

I’m lusting over it and already have a few recipes picked out to start making this week.

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Our Christmas menu


  • Anchovy toast and smoked salmon (This is my recipe!)
  • Green juice/smoothie


  • BBQ salmon
  • Fresh tiger prawns
  • Chilli BBQ calamari
  • Chili brussel sprouts (I Quit Sugar Christmas book)
  • Christmas Quinoa Tabbouleh (I Quit Sugar Christmas book)
  • Mango, avocado and macadamia salad (my recipe)
  • Pumpkin Pie with coconut cream (I Quit Sugar book)

Leftovers for Boxing Day.

We also brought some wine from Buxton Ridge, a boutique winery we visited in the Marysville region.

Snacks (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day)

  • Reindeer Poops (IQS Christmas Book)
  • Candy Cane Ice creams (IQS Christmas Book)
  • Coconut Ice (IQS Christmas Book)
  • pumpkin spice lattes (IQS Christmas Book)
  • Chocolate cashew cream tart ( I Quit Sugar Chocolate recipes)
  • nuts
  • chickpea surprises (my recipe)
  • camembert with chili jam (also from Marsyville) and crackers

Does that sound like a Christmas menu plan that rocks or not? I’m so excited about preparing this food and getting the girls to help. They are all simple recipes that won’t cost a fortune either.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's on your Christmas menu?

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  • Johanna

    Wow, you’re going to be busy! Some of these look just up my alley though, and the smoked salmon and anchovy toast might well replace our smoked salmon, capers and scrambled eggs this year. Definitely going to try some of the other recipes you suggest and get the cookbook.


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