A new manifesting strategy

I still haven’t figured this manifestation thing completely out, but I’m working on it each day.

For some reason, I can’t make the million dollars appear, but I’m really good in other ways at saying what I want, sometimes quite as a small after thought, and having it appear.

I’ve noticed a really cool way lately. It’s worked a few times for me now, so I thought Id share.

It has to do with shopping. There are so many bright shiny objects that pass our attention daily. There are those we think we’d like to have and then those that are must have. If you don’t figure out which is which you’ll end up broke as you’ll just buy everything that glitters.

Sometimes the magic of the Universe will just bring me what I must have, other times I have to take a step forward.

It’s a step forward with responsibility, not a step forward with your credit card. If I find something I’m keen on I hold off buying it. I decide to wait, sometimes hours, sometimes days or weeks. If I forget about it soon enough, I know it was a I’d like to have. If I can’t stop thinking about it then I know the intention to have it is a must. That’s when the magic steps in.

What has happened now for me SEVERAL times is the must have item shows up again, but this time at a heavily discounted price. In particular, some packing cells and a toiletries bag I’ve really wanted to get for the past 4 months.

Each time I walk into Kathmandu store, I walk right over to them, pick them up, feel as if I own them, and then check the price.

“Not yet. It’s just too expensive to justify the spend.” I put it down with the intention of getting them, perhaps at Target or someplace cheaper. Although they would not look as good.

I’ve been going through this process with them with about 4 different Kathmandu stores on our road trip.

Last week, I walked into the Kathmandu store in Hobart. There sat my beautiful orange flowery toiletry bag and packing cells with a huge sign-60% off.

I ran to it, double checked the sales tag and high-fived the air. Now I could justify the spend.

Try it.

Not only will you save yourself from wasting so much money, you’ll be focusing your intention on those things you really really need and love. That responsible, focused desire will bring it to you quite effortlessly.

There’s a jacket in there at the moment I’m still waiting on. It’s down to about $100. I almost brought it on the whim and chose to wait. I can’t stop thinking about it and the other day while searching through my wallet I found a $20 off voucher.

The next store I see I’m working in to purchase.- hopefully at a greater discounted price!

P.S the cells have definitely made my packing life easier!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Does this instant gratification delaying strategy help you to manifest what you truly want and need?

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  • Vanessa

    Packing cells are so useful! Worth the space they take up to keep your life organised. I also did the same thing with mine – bought in Kathmandu on sale.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I LOVE them/ Can’t believe I never travelled without them before.


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