On being Vata and making myself happy and comfortable


I’ve recently discovered that I am of a Vata disposition. Amongst other many things.

What does being vata mean?

I’m still trying to figure that one out, half the time I am as lost as you are.

I’m liking what I’m learning and it makes a ton of sense. It’s all based on Ayurvedic healing, a tradition which began in India and is over 5000 years old. You would have at least heard of meditation and yoga–well both of these come from Ayurvedic philosophy.

So based on this ideology we’re all made up of three doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. Each of us has a tendency to be one more than the other.

I first heard of it from Lorraine, my agent. She’s woo woo like me and we love to share little things we are learning through traditional healing and metaphysical ways. Since she first told me about it, the teachings began to appear everywhere. I listen to the signs of the Universe and so followed their trails.

Turns out its pretty spot on.

I’m Vata. As soon as I heard the characteristics of Vata, I knew it was me. Long limbs, often experience digestive issues, hates sitting still, lots of frantic energy, and detests the cold.

OMG do I hate the cold. I hate the cold so much that I can’t eat pre-made salads or sandwiches from fridges. I usually have warm salads. I thought I was just weird, but now I know it’s just my dosha.

Which is fabulous to know because now I understand a little more about who I am and how to make myself feel comfortable and happy. annd I know what gets me upset.

It’s important that I stay warm and moist and I remove rough, light food from my diets.

You know I love the magic, well get this. I start hearing about Vata. I look online  and discover certain foods vata people should not eat: peanuts, coffee, rough food and a few other things.

I visit my Tiffany, my energy healer who is helping me remedy some health issues and she tells me I need to give up peanuts, coffee, rough food and a few other things. this was just her intuition speaking and I asked her if she knew anything about Ayurvedic healing and she didn’t know much. Magic!

I’m learning how important it is for Vatas (well for anyone to eat seasonally) I randomly started chatting to JJ from 84th and 3rd at the Kidspot Voices Launch who started telling me about seasonal eating and then in our goodie bag we got a cookbook that was based on seasonal eating. Signs of magic!

So I’m hitting the soups and stews and warm, mushy, heavy foods that winter loves so much, and I love so much because I am VATA.

But, wait there is more MAGIC. I needed to have a few more treatments to deal with my digestive issues so I googled and discovered Boda, in Mossman. I loved the energy coming off the page and booked an appointment.

I met Aaron and through chatting discovered he is trained in Ayurveda healing and said I’m definitely Vata and gave me a few more tips, including the warm, spicy and sweet Bengal spice tea, which I now have every afternoon when my Vata energy starts to get high and frazzled.

The tea brings me back down to the ground.

Here’s a few things I now know I need to do to stay balanced.

  • Should be  having the same meal time every day
  • warm, moist, nourishing foods
  • relax before eating without distractions
  • foods should emphasize sweet, sour and salty tastes
  • dry foods, excessive sugars
  • regular routine (this is a toughie for me)
  • get to bed early
  • regular massage
  • lots of touch
  • soothing music
  • gentle exercise like yoga and walking
  • meditation is important

I’m so happy to learn all this because so much of it I knew to be aligned with me.  I’m still learning. So far I am loving being Vata and knowing about it so I can make myself feel better.

I can’t wait to discover more to share with you.

Here’s a great resource to learn more: Vata Dosha

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you follow this ancient philosophy? Are you interested to learn more? Can you see some similar traits in yourself?

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  • Val

    My goodness! Another job for you to do in your busy life! Hopefully finding all the vata facts gets your mojo back and makes life a little less hectic! Good luck! Look forward to reading more!


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