How to get the holiday look right

I just wish I had my own personal stylist, someone to create a stylish wardrobe  that suits my hectic travel lifestyle.

That’s all I was thinking in the weeks leading up to our road trip around Australia. Actually that has been on my Ultimate dream list for many years.

I don’t like shopping; it gives me the same angst I feel when boarding a plane. I don’t have my pulse on style or fashion, I look awful in everything I try on,  and I just don’t have the time to work out what goes with what. Because of this, I ended up whipping through the stores and choosing clothes because they are cheap or practical. I just wished I had someone to tell me what to wear and when!

Ya know how I love the way the Universe responds to your wishes! It was only a few days after that thought,  my friend Nic contacted me to tell me about Sequins and Sand, an Australian online retailer.

“Are you kidding? You mean you have someone who can style my travel outfits for me? Is this the service they offer? That is way cool.”

Sequins and Sand

I jumped online, checked out the outfits the founder, Anna, puts together for different types of holidays and I was in. I don’t have the time or skill to shop for clothes that look good on me and suit my needs.

I’m sure there are plenty of overworked Mums who feel exactly the same. It’s a valuable concept, especially for Mums who are going on a holiday. If you’re going to be spending thousands for that trip of a lifetime to Hawaii then you want to look like you belong in Hawaii.


I received my gift package of clothes best suited for busy mums on the run when we arrived in Thredbo. The summer outfits gave me hope that soon I’d be leaving the snow behind and looking great on the beaches under the sun.

My first thought when I opened the package, was the same thought I always have when it comes to clothes, I’m not sure this will look good on me.

But, I trusted Anna’s judgement. I put on the hat and was instantly happy. I looked a little bit stylish and I felt so comfortable. I hardly ever wear hats, because I think I look stupid, but this hat has been attached to my head for weeks. It also travels really well and can handle the roughness of travel and packing. The colour and style matches with many different outfits, and it has 50+ UV rating.

Sequins and Sands beach hat

Fedora hat

Sequins and Sands beach outfit (1)

Korringal Talle fedora hat – $39.95

The summer dress is light and breezy and perfect for wearing to the beach. You can wear it as a short beach dress or over longer pants or shorts. We rode to the beach, so wore it over tights. AND, you can scrunch it up and easily roll it into your bag- perfect for travel!

Sequins and Sands beach dress

Summer frill dress

Sequins and Sands beach outfit (9)

Isle of Mine summer frill dress in Apple Green– $89.95 You can find it here

Sequins and Sands beach bag

Love the size and style!

My beach bag is the BOMB. It’s big enough to fit all my crap, i.e towels, sarong, sun cream, book, hats, food, camera, with pockets so I don’t lose my phone amongst the clutter and it looks great! I doubled it up as an overnight bag on our ferry trip last night from Melbourne to Tasmania! Perfect
Sequins and Sands beach outfit (7)

Lalu Lalu Large striped beach bag  $52.95 You can find it here

And the costumes.

I’ve always shied away from full pieces because I felt they were putting me into old Mumma territory, but I love the ones Anna chose for me from Sequins and Sands. They’re stylish and chic, and do not make me feel self-conscious about my muffin tops and saddle bags. The cozzies hold it all in with a touch of sophistication.

The tankini is perfect for hiding away the tummy and slimming you down and I love the bright design. It’s so super comfortable, I even left mine on while vacuuming our cottage on check out. Move over Stepford Wives!

Sequins and Sands (1)   Sequins and Sands (3)

  • Capriosca Swimwear Moroccan Floral Tankini Top – $105 You can find it here
  • Capriocsa Blue basic bikini bottom- $32 You can find it here

I quite liked wearing a little vintage nautical with the full piece from Capriosca. My friend Super Kawaii Mama would be proud. This one’s good for showing off a little of your assets! I liked how the design up top takes off the focus from my wider bottom region!

Sequins and Sands vintage swimsuit

The nautical look

Sequins and Sands beach outfit (6)

Goes well with the bag and hat

Capriosca Swimwear Vintage Stripe Halter One Piece- Currently on sale for $69.95 Click here

About Sequins and Sand

Sequins & Sand is about helping every woman over 35 look and feel fabulous at the beach and beyond AND taking away the hassle from time strapped mothers.

You can shop by brand or style, or utilize the fantastic service of choosing the right style package to suit your summer holiday or required look and feel.

Sequins & Sand is Australian owned and features Australian brands. It’s clothing for real women and features plus size ranges.

They also have loads of Summer Style, Travel and Living tips on the site.

I’m so super impressed with the clothes and service that offers. I’ve been poking around there for the past few weeks sussing out how I can further feel comfortable and stylish on the road. The only problem is, is now I want to ditch Australia for exotic locations like the Maldives or the Mediterranean.

I’m just hoping the warm weather picks up a little, so I can wear my stylish beach gear more!

Disclaimer: As mentioned above, I did receive these outfits from Sequins & Sand as a gift

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Would you love your own personal stylist? Do you love Sequins and Sand?

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  • Vanessa

    I happened across their website the other month and also thought the outfit posts were a great idea.


  • Johanna

    You look absolutely fabulous in their gear, and it looks just right for the life you’re leading at the moment. I’m having a day of feeling stout and frumpy, and I think these bright colours would cheer me up, and the easy to wear Isle of Mine summer frill dress would be just the go for a hot WA summer’s day.


    • Caz Makepeace

      You’d look great in their clothes Jo! I’m just so disappointed we are having winter weather at the moment! I just want to wear these clothes!


  • Deborah

    What a good idea having someone choose your clothes! I love the colours of the dress and it suits you.


  • Sarah Wayne

    Superb Post! Holiday is all about going to beaches and spending some quality time with close ones. I really like the dress you are wearing, i prefer floral printed dresses and swimwears too during summer (specially when i’m on a holiday). the colors just make the surrounding even more bright!


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