OMG The world’s biggest baby has been born

I’m exhausted. Every ounce of my energy, creative or otherwise has been drained. You know what giving birth is like, it wipes your spirit cleans and gives it space to start again.

The last few weeks have been like those last few gestational weeks. You know, when you feel like grabbing every person that walks past you, squeezing them real tight and begging that they just GET THIS THING OUTTA ME!

That’s what giving birth to your first ever book is like too. We’ve been working on this travel ebook, since June, when we decided to go on our mad road trip around Australia.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been working on it for over 3 years; it was just the road trip decision that kicked my arse into gear to get it done.

It gestated into a 12 pound whopper! The more I wrote, the more I realized I had to share. And then it just kept going on and on.

Editing, like a million times, and then design hiccups that pushed the date into months overdue. It pushed me into the land of anxiety and depression.

Just get the fucking thing out!

Finally the baby was born yesterday.

How to have a life of travel

561 pages of all our best travel tips and advice to help you plan the travel life you love. So far, in using the tips in this book, on our road trip I’ve saved well into the hundreds of dollars and I’m living the travel life I love.

If you want to learn how to save money on travel and create a travel life you love, no matter what that means for you, then come over here and see what it’s all about.

Now excuse me if I linger in the recovery room for a wee bit longer than is normally required.

P.S That baby was so bloody big, I even took a whole section out, which I’m launching at the start of the new as a separate ebook. I share the principles I use to create the life I really want to live.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's the biggest baby you've given birth to? Share your experiences.

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