I sleep with my UGG boots on

The best thing we’ve brought on our road trip around Australia is our bikes.

We debated about bringing them, just like I debated about bringing my UGG boots. It was only after desperately pining for my UGGies in the backyard of a friend’s 40th on a chilly night, that I realized they had to join me on our #yTravelOz adventure.

I knew we wouldn’t start hitting really hot weather until January, so that left me with 3 months of cold nights. I was not going to live with UGG boot regret.

I only have UGG boot gratitude now. If you have warm feet, you have a warm body, and my Uggies keep me so deliciously warm and comfortable. It feels like I have a sheep wrapped around me.

On our second night camping, we pitched by the Wallaga Lake. It had been a hot day in the mid-thirties. At around 5pm, the strangest weather experience I’ve ever had occurred. It went from hot to around 20 degrees in one second.

And kept getting lower. We may seem like we are the most experienced travellers around, and we are, we’re just not really organized.

We left a little unprepared for cold weather camping, partly because we had no room in our car, and because our plans as to whether we were getting a camper trailer weren’t finalized. We didn’t want to go all out with camping gear if it wasn’t going to be needed. Plus, somehow my sleeping bag did not end up in the car, but Kalyra’s old Bindi Irwin sleeping bag did. A 5 year old’s sleeping bag that goes up to your waist.

That night was a fitful sleep. Craig and I were so cold, I woke up with aching joints from squenching my body tight all night to keep from freezing. All I could think of during the night was “I wish I had my UGGies on. But, I was too cold to move and get them.

The next night I slept with them on inside my sleeping bag, as well as several other layers. We were still cold, but those Uggies made a huge difference.

We moved to Narooma, which was just as cold; I wore them for the following 4 nights. There were no camping stores nearby so we had to put up with Bindi Irwin and sleeping with UGGIes on. Craig and I could at least find the humour in our situation and laughingly told our friend, Gribble who we caught up with on his farm for one evening.

Gribs came to the rescue with his -10 degree sleeping bag to use. It was toasty warm and I didn’t need my UGGs to sleep in. I kinda missed them.

It was heaven when we moved to sleep in warm, cozy beds at Yarrangobilly Caves House. One thing camping does is make you feel intense gratitude for those special moments when you get to sleep indoors and maybe sweat a little under piles of blankets.

P.S I actually wore my UGGies while exploring the Yarrangobilly Caves. There’s nothing they can’t do.

P.P.S With predicted night time temperatures in the minuses we decided to hire a cabin instead of camp in the Snowies!! We’ve not been back in the tent since!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you ever slept with UGG boots on? Or camped in the cold?

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  • Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    I’d wear my ugg boots to bed if my husband would let me. My trick to keeping warm at night is a beanie. Warm head, warm body. I used to live in the mountains and sometimes it would get to -18 degrees. I could see my breath inside my little cottage. A beanie was a must!


    • Caz Makepeace

      I’m so crazy, I just realized I had a beanie but didn’t put it on. I didn’t even think of it,yet I wore one when camping in the Rockies!! It sure does help. -18 that’s ridiculous- I’d die


  • Vanessa

    It doesn’t really get cold enough here for ugg boots. I kind of wish it did!


    • Caz Makepeace

      The cold is good only to be able to wear ugg boots. Craig calls me a bogan now because I wear them out during the day! LOL


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