Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum car seat review and giveaway

For the past few weeks as we have driven around Tasmania, I have been trialling the new Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT car seat– it’s Britax safest car seat yet.

I received one in exchange for this review. I’ve also received one to give away (you’ll find the details below)

For now, let’s see why the Britax Safe-n-sound Platinum is a good car seat for your baby, infant or toddler.


Thankfully, I have no anecdote to verify if the car seat does live up to its well recognised safety standards. Who wants to test that out?

But, I can say that safety is a big concern for us driving around the country, especially after the few days we’ve had driving around the Hounville area.(Sorry Tassies, but you get the wildest drivers in Australia award so far!)

The seat has an exclusive Side Impact Cushion technology, which acts to minimise the energy felt by a child in a side impact crash.

You can noticeably see how it could protect your precious in the unlikely and unfortunate event of an accident (btw I’m writing this now in the car as Craig is driving beside me– it’s a little freaky talking about car crashes)


I seriously would like to sit in the Britax Platinum just for the comfort factor. Savannah hasn’t told me this at all, but it fells real soft and cushiony when I put her in the seat and she looks peaceful and happy enough when she’s sleeping.

Harness and shoulder straps

On our old car seat, we had to put both seat belt clips in at the same time and then push it down. This was a flipping nightmare, especially when you have a wriggling 2 year old who hates being strapped in. On the Britax, I can pop one seat belt in at a time. Never mind the safety standards, this feature alone has me celebrating. Convenience and practicality is always a winner for us mums.

Another, oh yeah you rock feature, is the adjusting of the shoulder heights. On my last seat, you would have unthread the whole harness to move it up another notch to accommodate the size growth. On this seat you just pull up the Easy Adjust lever to the right height and the shoulder straps move up with it. It’s like a 2 second job. Just.brillant.

I had a little trouble tightening and loosening the harness on our seat, but after a little experimenting and chatting with Britax, we figured out it was because the boot of our X-TRAIL is loaded to the brim, which is somehow putting extra pressure on the connection, which makes it difficult to loosen and tighten. When our boot was empty it worked so easily. Another great feature as my last car seat was difficult to tighten, even with an empty boot.

In the side of the seat are little pockets to put the seat belt clip when the seat is not being used. Just a handy feature for when you are putting your child back in and you don’t have to wrestle the seat belt out from under their bum.

Added little features

The Britax car seat comes with a cover matt to put under it, which also has pockets to place a few toys etc that your child would want on the journey.

I give the Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum car seat a big thumbs up. It’s a great choice for parents, The seat grows with your child from birth to 4 years of age and can be placed in forward or rear seat facing positions.

Now to the Britax car seat giveaway

Britax Platinum Car seat

I have one Britax  Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT  car seat to giveaway, valued at $659.

Terms and Conditions

  • Australian residents only
  • The winner can choose the colour of the seat out of Silver, Hazel or Aniseed.
  • Delivery will take 2 weeks.
  • It’s a game of skill. Winner’s answer will be judged on uniquness and creativity.
  • Competition opens 8am on 29/11/2013 and closes 6pm 6/12/2013

To enter leave a comment below and tell me your best tip for keeping a child happy and content in a car on a road trip.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's your best tip for keeping a child happy and content in a car on a road trip?

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  • Sara

    This seat does look super comfy!
    My best tip for road trips with little ones is to rest up the day before and travel during the night! I’ve never seen my kids as happy and content in the car as when they are blissfully asleep in their car seats. It also means we make incredible time and have loads of time to talk with each other. 🙂


  • Amy Fulwider

    Toys, blankies, snacks and leave during nap time/night time so they can sleep through most of the trip!


  • amber

    My little boy is almost 8 months old and he is in his big brother’s old seat. It’s tired and goob-y, after 4 years of boy germs. I’d love a clean start for bubba!


  • Sarah T

    My son actually likes the car on most days, but for those days when he is grizzly, I sing! I’m sure I don’t sound too good, but he loves it, and it always gets us to our destination in a happier mood, for both of us!


  • Melissa Kagie

    A portable DVD player and some of your child’s favorite movies will pass the time away. Also plenty of healthy snacks and drink and stopping for breaks often.


  • Jo Millard

    My best tip going from Adelaide to Alice springs with an almost 2….. Packet of band aids!!! Lol loved the unwrapping and sticking. Ever toy had an owey. Love the seat. Regards Jo


  • Amber M

    To keep the kids happy on long trips, I like to have little activities given at intervals, healthy snacks, a small pillow for sleep and regular stops to kick a ball around and stretch their legs. It’s also a good chance to do workbooks and learn more maths and writing skills.

    I would love to win this carseat, my first child is 8 and after losing 2 bubs with a miscarriage and an ectopic I am excited to be pregnant with my rainbow baby.


  • Jacqueline M

    When going in the car we put the kids music on and start singing while car dancing. Heaps of fun and we have come up with some pretty good moves. Keeps the kids active and give us all a good laugh.


  • Sarah Harrison

    That seat looks great! My tip is to keep the kids occupied by playing games. My girls love I spy, and for my youngest, we use colours (I spy something that is green etc) instead of letters.


  • Sarah

    post it notes! he loves pulling them off one by one and making up gibberish stories for each page if I have drawn on them..


  • Karrah Glen

    I just this last fortnight did 2 14hr drives alone with my 2.5yr old and 4.5 year old and the family hound to visit nanny.
    I have done many of these trips since the girls have been small and the best thing I have found is DONT PUSH IT- it’s a lot easy to take a quick 10 minute break to stretch legs than wait until they have completely lost it.
    Second piece of advice is LIMIT SUGAR !! Confined to a chair for a long time plus adding sugar your asking for tantrums. Pack healthy snacks that they can handle them self.
    When they are old enough telling them what the plan is goes a long way- soon we will stop for breakfast and have a small play but then we need to keep driving so we can see nanny!
    For babies I would stop every 3 hrs but they wouldn’t often eat then so learnt to just keep driving until they make it clear they are hungry!
    For toilet training a seat protector is handy, as is a small potty when toilets aren’t close! If it’s a regular place you’ve been you learn where is convenient for breaks- a park with toilets.
    Other than that their blanket for comfort (mine sleep a lot of the trip) and a DVD player helps!


  • Kate bentick

    For our 9 month old we drew a picture of a face on to a balloon and attached it to a spoon and wedged it in so it was in his eye sight. It bounced around as we drove. We also put stickers and pictures on the window which he liked to look at. When he got bored we wound the window down and he looked out the window. Our 4 year old is a little harder but usually we need something to keep her attention. We usually give her a mix of shells, buttons, marbles, and stones in a large bucket and she sorts them out. Food is always a winner too and sing alongs. We have an on going game of the person to find the most aus post boxes.


  • Kelly

    I can do a pretty mean rendition of One Direction’s ‘That’s What Makes You Beautiful’. That tends to put an end to any grizzling from my 4-month-old son, mainly because he’s trying to figure out what the strange wailing noise is and where it’s coming from…


  • Sarah Lowe

    When it all gets to much in that tiny little space, pretend to sleep. You can’t answer questions, referee fights and the husband does the ssshhhh mums a asleep. It works for a while with older kids. Then you’re refreshed and ready to entertain all over again.


  • Renee

    Keeping them entertained comfortable and well feed is the key. For miss 3 we always pack a snack bag, DVDs, books, colouring books, we play games like can you find cows/horse see a yellow sign etc. it’s hard with the new baby but ensuring they are comfortable no sun in eyes, plenty of toys in reach (of mum and bub) and clipped on to the seat so they can’t fall onto the floor. Just a few things we do.


  • Karen

    My best tip is to be prepared, have lots if little snack, have a bottle warmed and ready to go and travel to suit their sleep patterns. If they are getting cranky stop and have a car break for 15 minutes 🙂


  • Dearne Dillon

    Best travel tip – mines short and easy…
    But have fun and be happy. If you’re in a fun, happy and silly mood it really helps. Sing the silliest of songs, do crazy actions/dance moves at rest breaks to help wiggle out all the cramps.
    By your mood being fun, happy and silly it really rubs off on everyone else in the car.
    Even break out some extra yummy treats that are “special” just for travel. For us this is juice poppers and pre packaged food/snacks.
    I just find if I am stressed and worried everyone else in the car picks up on this vibe.


  • Megan F

    On longer trips I always make sure I am well prepared, water bottle full, fruit cut up in containers, a few favourite books chosen, shoes off the little one and super comfy clothes on and I have stops planned where we can stop and stretch, change nappies, and run around a bit. We always spend a fair bit of our travelling time singing too…..I have made some mixed CD’s of my little one’s favourite songs to play in the car (good enough to get us all jiggling in our seats).


  • Vyktoria

    Our little miss had many long haul car trips before her 2nd birthday and the only things that helped to keep her happy were her fathers terrible singing and my planning! I would pack little snacks that weren’t messy and that could easy fit in her little hands, toys and books for the trip and have wipes and blankets at hand to keep her clean and comfy!


  • Mei Ling Tan

    Lots of yummy treats and iPad games and songs keeps my child happy on a road trip


  • Erika Williams

    As we are soon to embark on a car road trip form Sydney to Brisbane, with 3 children under 3 (and one pregnant mumma), I have been plotting my survival plan for a while!
    – Leave in the middle of the night so that a large chunk of the trip is over before the kids wake for breakfast!
    – Have a few tricks up your sleeve – wrap some new toys or ‘forgotten’ toys to keep the kids busy, DVDs, teach the kids games like eye spy, CDs for singing favourite songs, finger play songs, sticker books, magnetic books, magna doodles, notebook and crayons, sit in the back with the kids if you can.
    – Probably the most important tip though – when the going gets tough, pull over and take regular breaks.

    The secret to a successful road trip with kids is getting to your destination safely (even if it takes a bit longer) with everyone still speaking to each other!


  • Yvonne

    Pre-make brown paper bags filled age appropriate goodies like stickers, craft objects, mini colouring pads, etc to keep them engaged.


  • Zoe walker

    We actually was tossing between getting this car seat or the meridian ahr, I fell in love with platinum at first sight, but due to cost factor, we got the meridian instead! Now bub two is using his sister’s meridian while toddler is using a second hand the royale. So, a fresh new platinum will be great for my bub 2, while bub 1 can use her meridian back, it’ll be much safer!
    To keep a child happy in the car, when we drove down South with a 20 hour, 3 day trip, we gave our toddler lots of healthy snacks, put child’s cd on, give her some books and toys as well as sing songs and play games with her. We also stopped every couple of hours to let her run and stretch and play so that she didn’t feel too constrained.


  • Sherree Cavanagh

    We take turns at being master illusionists. My son opens with the old favourite, blink and the water bottle disappears. My husband entertains with reading minds and I pull toys, wraps and food out of my never ending bag of tricks.


  • Suven

    I have a maxi cosi priori but almost always needed to keep bub entertained so she would stay quiet in her car seat. My secret weapons (in the exact specific order) are cut fruits, crackers, leapfrog laptop, iPhone, iPad, and lastly singing songs while making silly faces while driving. Man, I’m a super multi-tasker mom. Lol


  • Kristie

    My tip for the car is lots of snacks and the Play School CD on the stereo. It works for my kids!


  • Nicole

    My daughter hated being in her car seat from the day she was born. I figured that the reason is because she loves to be held and didn’t like to be alone. As parents who believe in attachment parenting, it was really tough on us but we just had to bear with it for her own safety. To make her feel happier in the car seat, we constantly talk to her. We needed her to know that we didn’t abandon her and she isn’t alone in the car. Sometimes when I ran out of things to talk, I would just repeatedly tell her how much I love having her in our lives and what type of person we would like her to grow up to be. At 4 months old, she grew out of that crying phase. These days, she would only cry if she’s soiled her nappy or when it gets too dark at night. Even though we never stopped “chatting” with her in car rides, giving her a toy works wonders these days too!


  • Natasha Ward

    I would not mind sitting in the Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum SICT every time i got in the car and either would my daughter.
    For a road trip with 2 we leave around sleep time, pack snacks, have the wiggles CD ready and if things get tough we have a DVD for back up which i will admit we have used and Peppa Pig on repeat works a dream.


  • Rachel

    My best advice is know your child. Our first long (6 hour trip) with our then two year old was an eye opener. She stayed awake the whole. She was pretty good because I was in the back with her. In a recent three trip with her and her 11 month, we found they can only manage 1 and 1/2 hours before needing a break. He will only sleep for half the time. What seems to work for is regular breaks, music, snacks, water and an iPad. They are also like to sit next to each other. Neither will sleep more if it is night time but I don’t think you can know that until you try.


  • Bree Connell

    The best way to keep them content in our case is windows down and up down and up down and up! We have a baby in a capsule and are looking at what to get her for her next seat- this one looks amazing- we have the model down for my son and it’s fantastic- hope to get one like this for our daughter- remember the windows – they always seem to stop a screaming fit!


  • Winnie @ Bubfriendly

    Wow! This car seat is brilliant! Will definitely solve all the problems of our current newborn who screams whenever she goes in the car! Our best tip is to make the road trip a fun family activity! With our 2 year old from a young age, I was always in the backseat with her and would constantly talk to her about everything outside that we can see from the car, from the trees, buildings, trucks, stars and moon (helps with a sunroof!). We also have several CDs and DVDs in the car and will sing nursery rhymes together. When it’s nap time we will put on a CD of relaxing soothing music to help ease the transition to nap time. Some snacks at hand are also handy plus a bottle of water to keep the little one well hydrated! We also have nappies and a change mat plus nappy sacks in the boot to help change the little one on the go if we can’t get access to a parents room! We love road trips!


  • lavina

    With my 24month bubba/5y.o I travel after they have a big playtime.we sing n play I spy n guess the animal.n they nap a while as the car seats are comfortable


  • Miranda

    Best tip when travelling with toddlers is remembering they are toddlers and that they can’t sit still for long periods. We always make time to stop at parks & play areas to run off that extra energy & enjoy a picnic. This certainly makes for happy travellers!


  • Diana Teoh

    That sure looks comfy! There are some seats that are hard as rock on each sides! Anyway my kids are always happy to have a comfortable seat in the car coz they fall asleep in no time! My eldest will be a chirpy lil girl with her favorite cd played accompanied with her fav snacks. As for my younger one, her jiggly toys, dummy and mummies singing always does the job! And oh, make sure they are always full before starting the journey!


  • Shona

    Ear plugs!!!! For whoever isn’t driving (or maybe for driver as well). Lots of snacks, toys, books but allow extra time to get to your destination. Time restraints and travelling with kids aren’t always a good combo. No point adding more stress to the trip.


  • Fiona

    The very best start to keeping a child happy and content in the car, on a road trip, is a safe and comfortable car seat, where the baby feels snug, cozy and relaxed and is also completely protected. Planning ahead is essential, preparing plenty of fluids and food stored in containers that keep the food and drinks safe for the duration of the journey. Interactive toys, iPads with age appropriate apps for your child and music to both, entertain and soothe, your child, will help amuse and distract your child throughout the journey. Spare clothes, wipes and nappies are crucial and a cover for your car seat for protection against spills and little accidents will save extra work when you arrive at your destination/s.


  • Monique Pettigrew

    When driving with my daughter we sing! It helps to keep her amused or calms her when she is fussy, and it makes for a better trip for all of us.


  • Wendy S

    I’m very lucky that because we don’t have a car my toddler loves going in the car, and she’s always asleep in a few minutes! If we had to go on a long trip I think I would pack books and my old iphone with some tv shows on it.


  • Cyndie

    My best tip to keep kids happy in the car is to be prepared to play kids’ music! When the kids start to complain/cry/be agitated, I pull out one their favourite kids songs CDs!


  • Naamah

    Woohoo, car travel. Plan for long trips to include at least one sleep time. For awake times, load up the ipod with audio stories, have a basket of books next to the kids, give littlies a box of tissues to empty or shred, a packet of band aids or stickers to put wherever they can reach, food, lots of food, songs for dancing and sing-alongs, and planned rest stops that are kid friendly.


  • Danielle Edenden

    We sing her favourite kids songs in the car. Always keeps her happy.


  • Claire

    Books, books and more books! My 14month old is absolutely fascinated with books with flaps and texture! They keep her busy on long car trips and us entertained by her gabble, laughter and animal sounds!


  • Melissa C

    Well I thought I was organised for our last road trip with our three angels, three tubs of things they had chosen for the trip. We turned around after getting onto the freeway to find our darling two year old daughter had found her brothers textas and made herself into a tiger. Yep stripes all over her arms, legs and face! So my advice, relax, enjoy the moment and don’t rush. Kids always remember the things we least expect. Oh and don’t forget the baby wipes! 


  • Melanie Moran

    Comfortable light clothing, shoes off, and buckled up Safe-n-Sound ensures they won’t whinge all the way. With a car full of travel sickness sufferers, we try to enjoy some fun family games that involve looking outside (instead of sickly down). Spot the animal, coloured car race, I spy, and a recent favourite, guess that song make a long trip seem much shorter!


  • Lyndall Coulthart

    When wriggling and writhing, almost anything’s worth trying
    to keep my little people from exploding while I’m driving,
    although I try my hardest my 3 ninjas are quite gallant
    and shirking every effort is their most peculiar talent.

    Junk food is a no no, electronics are a bore,
    Spotto is effective but it leaves them wanting more,
    Singing is a go to but The Wiggles turn my tummy
    and if I just ignore them in two secs they’re yelling MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


    The one thing I have found,
    Is a trick that’s well renowned
    To crank the air con up to ten
    To keep them Safe and Sound


  • Penny Lenz

    My little one is 3 months old and from week one I would get her out and about in the car in her seat and go to visit my mum, she loved it and would nap on the way there and back plus plenty of cuddles with granny always helped! Desensitising babies from a young age is the way to go, also is good for mum not to feel trapped in the house for hours on end.


  • Gabrielle Mullins

    Our little one loves to see himself in our rear view mirror… We sing a lot when in the car and he loves seeing his face!! I love love love watching him too!


  • Samantha Lang

    As the proud parents of a 10 week old we aren’t as qualified to share tips but we have tried… Singing (very badly) Cold Chisel, installing a mirror (more for our sanity) driving over speed humps (not sure why?) & if all else fails one of us sits in the back & chats to our little man (my mum has quite nimbly changed seats while going through the Burnley tunnel). I’m reading other seasoned parents tips & storing them for future use!!!


  • Michelle Gray

    The magic of a portable DVD player, Hot Potatoes on repeat may send the parents insane, but the kids are happy!


  • Sonya

    Stickers! Give them a book of stickers and a piece of cardboard to stick them on and they’ll be content for ages!


  • Cassandra Eastman

    I keep a small basket of small toys that make lights & sounds, books, ect. We also play music, and if all else fails they play on the iPad!


  • Virginia Mason

    Be prepared for road trips by thinking ahead –
    having cranky, screaming kids is one thing I dread!
    We have a car organiser that fits behind my seat,
    filled with little books, squeeze ball, mini magna doodle and other treats.
    Always pack snacks to save those tummy rumbles,
    trips can take longer or you may run into trouble.
    We play games of Spotto, counting or I spy,
    a fantastic way to keep the kids occupied.
    My last resort is to put on a DVD,
    so I can have peace and just drive safely.


  • Chelsea

    I have been looking at this seat for a while for bub #2 on the way, looks fantastic!
    My best tip –

    Remember kids are active,
    So car trips aren’t so fun.
    Toys and games really help,
    But my top tip number 1 –

    Take your time, don’t rush,
    Stop and let them play.
    Your kids will travel well,
    And you won’t go insane!!


  • karina lee

    Tire them out before the big road trip so they zonk on during the car ride!


  • Sarah

    I like to fill up some snack boxes with tiny snacks – grapes, sultanas, Tiny Teddies and a few Smarties as well. I find they rummage through the contents looking for the Smarties first before going back to eat the rest. All this takes quite a bit of time for little people!


  • Tanya Clarke

    Luckily my 20 month old sleeps a lot in the car. When he is awake and on much longer car trips, we make plenty of stops for food and to stretch our legs. We usually stop at a park or something similar to tire him out a little. During the car trips we have toddler music playing, which he loves! My son has plenty of water and snacks. We have some toys, nappies and anything else we need at hand. It is most important to plan ahead and be organised. I often point out animals, buildings, farm etc that we are passing and talk about them to keep him interesting and learning.
    I’d love to win this Safe ‘n sound Platinum carseat for my new arrival due next year. It would be awesome!



    Singing!!! We take turns, making up our own silly songs. Going to be so much more fun when he’s older and can rhyme!!!


  • Kylie Embury

    Additional time
    Favourite music
    Extra stops

    Air con
    No fighting
    Delicious lolly pops

    Set off at sleep time
    Organise the car
    Use sunshades
    Never rush
    Don’t drive too far!


  • Rebekah Ballingall

    Don’t make the car silent, keep talking, a baby need to learn that if it screams it won’t always get attention. A baby should sleep in all levels of sound.


  • Ally L

    I have placed a few luggage tags with little photos of us in them to entertain my little rear facing cherub! He has a few mirrors, a few toys and some huge monsters AKA – Siblings, to entertain him also.. Love the look of this carseat!!


  • Kevin Kelly

    DVD in the rood or on the seat in front of them, with their favourite DVD you cant go wrong, the giggling and laughing is worth it





  • sonia cattley

    As they get older…we make games out of number plates…think of a phrase from a number plate etc…rather comedic. For long distances, the 5km markers make good mathematic lessons…how close are we now? how far have we come…using the speedo/odometre/time we can teach speed and distance concepts to our kids on long trips. Now I’m looking forward to starting all over again…did I say looking forward?


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