How can we do this to our bodies?

(This post is a couple of months old and has been resurrected from the post drafts folder and allowing me some time to complete my book launch and enjoy watching sunsets on St Kilda Beach!)

How can we do this to our bodies?

That’s all I could think of as I lay and contemplated my emotional issues. I was going through my fourth energy rebalancing treatment for my gluten allergy with Fiona.

We were making progress. I could tell from the way my arm did not flop to my side. there was a little more strength there. 45%, Fiona said. Geez, I shudder to think what it was before we started treating it.

But, it was being stubborn.

Naet therapy up until this point, had been transforming my health in many positive ways. I had resigned myself to gluten intolerance just being a part of who I am. The specialist only the week before had told me it was a reality to accept it without ever being tested for coeliac. To get conclusive results you had to eat gluten 3-4 times a day for  a month.

“That expression on your face right now” he told me, “Is the reason why most people never get tested for it. They hear that and say “No way. I’m not doing it.”

No way, I am not doing it.” One meal of gluten will make me sick for a week. I’m just accepting I’m coeliac and not eating gluten again.

At the moment, Naet is the only thing giving me control over my health.

“Could it just be that I’m just celiac and can never eat gluten again.” I asked Fiona.

“Maybe, but that is not what we want to do with Naet.” We aim to heal the underlying blockages so you can live a normal, pain free life.

Fiona did her muscle testing questions to work out the best therapy for me. I totally am in love and in awe with the way Fiona works out the best way to work with me. It’s mind-blowing, magical goodness. She relies on muscle testing and intuition. I know most people would think this is woo woo bullshit, but for me I’m a believer and on my healing path that is all that matters.

The allergen blockages you can have come from either physical, chemical or emotional. I was reading a case study in Devi’s book about a woman how had a severe allergic reaction to eating a peach. The Doctors were clueless and were ready to rush her to emergency surgery She had done work with Naet before and demanded to go to it before any surgery.

They figured out that when she was eating the peach she received a phone call from her son who was at college.  There were gun shot sounds during the phone call and the service went dead. She thought her son was killed.

Her brain had no idea what was going on with her son. It just felt the reaction she had at the time she was eating her peach and equated the peach with causing it. It went it to fight mode and began shutting down things. She had the Naet therapy and soon recovered.

That is the effect your emotions can have when you are eating food.

Now it was time for me to face the music.

Fiona took out her vials to find out the emotional blockages that were preventing me from dealing with this gluten problem. She asked the question and got the response there were 10 emotions blocking me.

Then she asked the questions to find out what they were:

Rejection, failure, fear, stress, money, anxiety, spirituality, anger,  impatience, disappointment

With each new one, I understood it. With each new one I wanted to hang my head. At the end she counted them. “Yes. There are 10 here.”

Fiona asked me to think back to when my gluten issues started and how these emotions could be connected. I did not have to think too long. Read this post to find out.

“It all makes sense. But how did these emotions cause this allergy?”

“Your brain can’t discriminate. You may have been feeling these emotions as you were eating these foods, and it saw the food as the enemy causing you so much distress As a result it creates the blockage.”

“Could all the allergies I have been experiencing been a result of this?”

“Quite possibly, But it can come from many different reasons. For you right now, the gluten is the major one and these emotions connect to it.”

It made total sense.  I was feeling all of these negative emotions during this horrible time of my life and I was eating a lot of gluten. I was pregnant and couldn’t eat much more than toast with Vegemite.

The only one that did not sit with me so well was spirituality, I cold not see how it was a negative emotion in my life. I asked Fiona and she helped me to open my mind to the different meanings this may hold.

Now ti came time to trying to reprogram my brain to not see these emotions as the gluten enemy.

As Fiona did her magic, I had to feel the emotions. I had to notice where they lived and what they looked like.

No surprising that I felt them all dark and scrunched up in my gut. The tears flowed. Fiona was so gentle, wiping my eyes with a tissue and encouraging me to let it all go.

How can we do this to our bodies?

I battled between forgiving myself, hating myself and total shame. How could i have hated myself so much to create such physical pain? Why was I never aware of the pain I would cause myself from not being able to accept that failure is a part of life? How many people every day are sending themselves down a path of physical pain and seemingly untreatable conditions because they can’t deal with the emotions that come with living and learning and growing.

How could we hate our selves so much? All I could see was the pain I have been experience as a physical manifestation of how much I hated myself.

No more. I decided weeks ago that I would fix this no matter what.

Fiona explained what I had to do next. Wrap each of the emotions with love and set it free. No more would I allow my past to have control over my future.

I wrapped each one in a small box and instead of seeing the pain saw the lesson it brought me instead. I thanked it, gave it a kiss, put on the angel wings and waved it goodbye.

Thank you failure. If it wasn’t for you, I truly would not be who I am today. I would never have learned all I did to bring me to this place, so thank you. But, I don’t need you anymore. I wish you all the best.

It came to spirituality, the one I was confused about. I looked at it and knew. I blamed God. I blamed God for everything. It didn’t care about me, it kept leading me down the wrong path, it kept punishing me, it hated me so much for who I was.

I don’t believe that now, but I did back then. In fact I was filled with rage at God for letting me down so much. I felt God hovering, always caring, always supporting and leading me to the right path, even though I never believed it.

I let my old views of spirituality go and welcomed in those that instead saw it as love and our true path.

“How do you feel?”  Fiona asked after the session.


And I really did.

It’s not easy to write this stuff for the entire world to read would they wish. But, I give up my fears and insecurities for the hope that what I share can help just one person. And if I can than it is worth it.

We kill our bodies everyday with the pain of our past. We hold onto it so tightly fearing that without it we would have no stories to tell.

There will come a time when your body says no more. It begs and pleads with you to heed the call and love it more. If you ignore the message then who knows where the story ends.


Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have your emotions and negative situations in your past caused a lot of issues with your body?

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