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A great surprising find of this week. We decided to drive from Eden to check it out and were blown away by what we found.

The spectacular Bar Beach– look at those rocks. The Aquarium and Wharf restaurant where we had coffee and The Pinnacles in Ben Boyd National Park. Bryce Canyon meets the ocean.

The Pinnacles Ben Boyd National Park

Finding great travel deals

Our travel ebook will be launched this week. I’m super excited to finally put this ship to sail. I worry it won’t provide enough value to people (something I’m tapping on) But, then we score some great travel deals on the road using the strategies in our book and I get excited.

It’s validation for me, that I’m walking the talk and have something valuable to share that can really help people travel more. For example, we saved $48 + 10% on our campsite at Narooma and this week, we saved just over $100 on our charming cottage in Metung, Victoria. Cool bananas.

Our awesome readers

I can’t say enough how much I love our readers, both here and at y Travel Blog. Our community is following our #yTravelOz adventure and giving us the most awesome tips.

I’m loving how we rely more on them now then the Lonely Planet, which has always been our bible for travel. Love how the peeps are shaping the journey. And, there’s so many who we are planning to meet up with this week in Melbourne. Yeow!

Arriving in Victoria

Loving this State so far. We’re really excited to explore more. We’re breaking it up with a month in Tassie. To begin with it’s a bit of East Gipplsand, and then Melbourne for Spring Carnival. So excited to be in a city again and to meet up with friends.

School excursions with kalyra

Kalyra was so excited to go on a school excursion with me to the Whale Museum in Eden. We’ve been learning about bones, so we went to check out the Old Tom’s killer whale bones on display, amongst a few other things.

She thought it was the best thing ever. I think it was more about the special Mummy- Kalyra time more than anything. You don’t realize how much your kids really love those moments.

Savannah chatting away

She’s talking so much now. She’s loving saying “Thank you” and “Sorry”, which turns a cranky Mummy’s face after she’s squirted Kalyra’s paint everywhere to a “Aren’t you just so adorable.” And she’s saying, “I love you Mummy” now. Squeeeee!!!

Some of our travel videos for you

Things I’m reading

Why you need sacred space Belinda Davidson I really resonated with this post especially now that I’m on the road and feeling a stronger vibe of personal space in nature.

In defense of an ordinary life Slow your Home Such a beautiful post about finding strength and peace in the ordinary.

Letting go of the story by Jamie Gonzalez I love this post about saying yes and then watching how the Universe has your back. It’s blowing me away how it is supporting us on this road trip. I really did not know how we were going to do it. It was a huge risk, but one my heart was calling me to say yes to. Please believe the same can happen to you.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you loving this week?

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  • Denyse

    Hi Caz, I was in Merimbula last weekend & went to Eden on the Sunday and took a whale watching cruise. Loved the far south coast very much. The museum was amazing! I was on a 3 day weekend but did work too, in a remote country school for NSW institute of teachers. How’s being mum/teacher? D x


    • Caz Makepeace

      It is a little challenging at times!! But mostly good fun. How are the new ventures going for you?


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