Starts the spark in our bonfire heart

“People like us—we don’t
Need that much, just some-
One that starts,
Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts”

As soon as I heard it I loved it. It had that fresh vibe that so many of James Blunt songs have. I hear his voice and I’m instantly transported to Dog Shit Alley in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s where Craig and I would have dinner many nights when we lived in this chaotic city.

I remember vividly lying back on the cushions after yet another bowl of Green Curry and a ice cold Singha mellowing out to James Blunt. My spirit was calm and happy. I knew I was living in the right place- a time of freedom, love and sparks.

For the past 5 years, my spirit was slowly dying. It was cut off from the spark and everything that made it feel alive. 4 weeks ago it returned home.

And once again James Blunt is there. Bonfire Heart. I feel as if it was created for my soul and its journey in the most perfect place.

Back to where freedom and bliss outshines anxiety and stress. I’m just living in the slipstream and it’s beautiful.

And I’ve been looking at the stars
For a long, long time
I’ve been putting out fires
All my life

Everybody wants a flame,
They don’t want to get burnt
And today is our turn

Days like these lead to…
Nights like this lead to
Love like ours.
You light the spark in my bonfire heart.
People like us—we don’t
Need that much, just some-
One that starts,
Starts the spark in our bonfire hearts

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What sparks your bonfire heart?

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  • Vanessa

    The biggest spark in my heart this year was pbevent. Regardless of the contnet of any sessions, it was just wonderful to spend time around so many like minded people. I don’t get that very often!


    • Vanessa

      *content – damn typing on the train :),


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh Pb event is so good for that! It’s so hard to keep the momentum going when no one around you gets what you are doing. it can be a lonely road.


  • Deb @ Home life simplified

    Love this Caz! – my spark was reignited by a return to art after 20+ years with it locked away in my soul. How i forgot my old love i will never know but i guess i just packed it away. once i found it again i had a re-awakening – amazing – enjoy your spark!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Wow how amazing. It’s hard to imagine how you could forget your art. It is incredible what we lock away and why. I’m so glad you are rediscovering it again. It’s the way we all should be living


  • Val

    So glad to have you back….back to the happy go lucky, free spirited and slightly mad girl we love! Keep travelling, keep loving life and sharing it with the world! I love seeing where you are each day and I love looking at you…looking so relaxed! I must say, I am still searching for my inner bonfire to be lit….perhaps I need to stop and listen to what I really want and not be afraid of all those things that I think will get in the way!
    Good on you, you continue to inspire me. Enjoy!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yes Val!! Remove the fear, it’s just an illusion. You can do whatever you want, you’re brave and clever and witty and lovely enough.


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