Do you know where your organs are?

At the beginning of my Naet therapy sessions, Fiona has to spend 10 minutes or more increasing the energy of my organs. They are always a little sluggish.

Not to fear Fiona says, this is to be expected when you have so many allergies and your body has not been receiving any nutritional benefits from the food you have been eating for God knows how long!!

Anyway she hovers over my organs and tells me how awake they are. Apparently my right lung is always struggling.

But you know the lung I’m cool with. Because I know where it is!!

It wasn’t until Fiona first started talking about my liver and kidney and pointing to it in my body that I had a holy shit wake up moment.

I have no fucking idea where my organs are located.

Get out of here.


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Can you believe how absurd this is? I’ve spent 37 years in this body and I don’t know the location of my liver and kidneys, let alone my pancreas and gall bladder.

I’ve got the heart covered and I’ve only just recently learned about the location of my stomach and intestines thanks to months of digestive issues. I’m still a little shady on where the small intestine is and that colon is one I’d rather forget at the moment. And well you know how you discover where the uterus is!

How can this happen? Was it because I didn’t pay attention in biology, or did my teacher not just teach us it much? And if they did, why did I feel it wasn’t important enough sit up and listen.

This is your body. You should know where everything is located. You should be loving every aspect of it and have an awareness of what it does and how it keeps you alive and healthy.

You should know about it so you can ensure you do your part to keep all these magnificent organs healthy.

Thank God for the healers in my life now teaching me the truths about my body, this beautiful being that envelopes my soul and keeps my heart beating and my brain functional.

I think.

Sometimes I wonder.

That reminds me. It’s late and my organs are demanding I retire to bed. I can feel my kidney giving me a swift kick in the back.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you know where your organs are? What ones are you clueless about? Do you know what they do? do you think it is important to know?

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  • Yibba Yabba Mama

    Well, I think I know where my brain and heart are! For now, that is all I need. (Think with my head and love with my heart) as for the rest, I assume it is all inside there! And… I know where my skin in..isn’t it the biggest organ? xx


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yes! I think I only just realized it was an organ!! I think that must have been the lesson we were behaving like lions in the zoo Val at the back of the lecture hall


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