Gratitude and happiness

I adore this woman! I’ve been getting stuck into the course this past week and have been learning so much. I only wish I did this course 3 years ago. I’m finding it a challenge to go back and correct 3 years of bad mistakes!! Better late than never.

What I love about Marie is how straight up she is, yet so genuine and warm and so giving. This has been the most in-depth and valuable course I’ve ever done (and I’ve done so many). I am astounded by the amount of content she has delivered.

Weekend at Newcastle

We’ve just arrived home from a lovely weekend at Newcastle. It is fabulous to see how this city is growing and embracing the arts and culture scene. We learned lots of historical facts about the city and tried some amazing new cafes. All will be shared over at y travel blog.

Fiona, My Naet Therapist

If you read my post on my health challenges, you will understand why I am in love with Fiona. She is making me feel almost normal again. Not only is she a good healer, but she is so wise and friendly and so secure in who she is. She tells me great stories and has passed on so many nuggets of wisdom that is changing my life.

KAlyra Makepeace

Marie Forleo’s B-School

Movie nights

We’ve been taking more time out to lay on the couch and watch movies. I’m loving it. Last night we watched State of Play and the evening before I had a few chuckles watching Couples Retreat. I do love Vince Vaughn.

Hitting big milestones

I don’t often like to pay attention to the numbers, but I think it’s important to use it as a measure of your effort and how far you come. And I truly believe in the power of gratitude and celebration. This week we made 10,000 fans on Facebook and 5, 000 email subscribers for y Travel Blog

Song of the week: Royals by Lorde

Can’t believe this girls is 16. Amazing fresh talent

What I’m reading:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks This is a real book I am reading. Loving his thoughts on what holds us back from getting into the Zone of Genius. Do you want to know something freaky? I had this picture of what Gay looked like in my head and when I just checked out his author picture on his website, it was exactly the same!!


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  • Johanna

    Wow, you’ve achieved so much in a week 🙂 Well done on your milestone numbers too. I think chillaxing with movies is a great wind down, especially if you can cuddle up in silent companionship with the person who means most to you.


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