Nature and music: entertainment making children and parents happy

Parents only want the best for their kids.

In order to offer this, parents need to find a perfect balance between education and entertainment. Of course we want our kids to have fun, but it helps if they can learn something at the same time. (You know the power of parenting mult-tasking!)

Learning without even knowing it. Perfect!

Often enough, entertainment for kids is a form of education, which parents also enjoy because they can learn something for themselves as well.

Furthermore, they can see their children learn new things with a lot of fun.

For that reason, it is good to check out which kinds of entertainment make both children and parents happy.

Infotainment within nature

It is great fun to experience the environment with all 5 senses, especially for small children.

For that reason, many attractions or destinations offer specific programs for the little one to get in touch with nature.

Feeding the kangaroos at Australia Zoo

Entertainment for parents and kids

When buying zoo tickets, for example, it is a good idea to watch out for discounts and special offers, especially those that offer the chance to get closer to the animals. There are Zoo Keeper for the Day programs as well as some zoos offering the chance for a sleepover in the animal kingdoms!

Maybe there is a chance to even touch the animals under supervision, to feed them or to learn more about the environment in which they live.

It might even be possible to visit a theme park dealing only with birds or with wild animals. Dreamworld on the Gold Coast is a theme park that offers the chance to get up close and personal with tigers.

These little worlds usually offer many interactive tasks for young and old.

Music as education

A form of entertainment which can also be enjoyed by young and old is music. It’s one of the best ways to express and connect.

I can guarantee if you experience music with your child, you will both be giggling, dancing and having a wild and fun time. It will not be the world’s biggest chore, like playing with barbie dolls is.

Many children learn to play an instrument at an early age and can then also play in a band with their parents. Through this form of entertainment, the family can actually grow together much closer. Many famous musicians speak of the influence playing music with their family when they were younger had on their careers.

Learning, making precious memories together and having fun. Brilliant.

Classic and pop pieces can be learned and performed for or with other people. And it is moreover possible to plan music trips to famous places such as Vienna for classic music or Liverpool for pop music.

These trips can enhance the horizon of both young and old.

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