Mojo Magic tips: Raising your vibration level

Ever wondered why certain people seem to have all the breaks? Good things seem to come to them effortlessly and you wonder how they got so lucky?

It really has nothing to do with luck. I guarantee these magical beings have put in a huge amount of effort into creating one thing.

The one thing that will determine what you will attract into your life.

It is your vibration energy level.

raise your vibrational energy

We are all just a ball of energy. Energy that pulses. All energy has a certain frequency of vibration, and this frequency is what determines the magic you create in your life.

It is a quantum physics fact that LIKE attracts LIKE.

So those people you see who are having magic appear at every turn are attracting the magic into their life by their thoughts and feelings, which manifests as a vibration level.

Do you need to raise your vibration level?

Does magic appear all the time for you? Does it come and go? or is it just always full of crap?

It used to be always full of crap for me. Seriously.

The car would break down, the computer would break, bills would continue to keep rolling in, the money kept rolling out, I’d take a wrong turn and villains would continuously appear.

When I stopped to finally analyze myself: my thoughts, my feelings, my vibrational level, I realized it bloody stank!

I was attracting the crap because I was being crap.

I changed that by choosing to raise my vibration level by being someone different.

How do you do raise your vibration level?

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and if you continue to follow my mojo magic tips every Monday, you’ll learn some simple ways.

For now I’ll tell you the basics.

Live from your higher emotions.

Those that are love, joy, hope, kindness and gratitude.

If you spend the majority of your time living through these emotions, you will attract it back. FACT.

It’s not always easy, things will happen where you live from the opposite:

Fear, insecurity, meanness, self-pity, anger and all those negative emotions that make us feel bad and attract bad. The key for you is to be aware when you start doing this so you can quickly grab it and turn it around before it starts creating the shit.

See there will always be a lag time between who you are and what you create. So if you start switching your life around today, by choosing to live from those higher vibrational emotions, don’t expect the good to start coming immediately. The Universe needs time to clear away your shitty creations first and allow you the space to raise your vibrational energy.

No point in waiting though, get started today.

All you have to think is how can you put yourself into those higher states of emotion. Get busy with those powerful and positive thoughts and feelings, the magic will soon start appearing.

Be joyful, feel love, be kind and have an abundance of gratitude!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How's your vibration level looking?

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  • Beth Hardy

    Started my meditation practice today…hoping it brings me some peace and happiness after this difficult year. I know my mojo will return, I’ve just got to invest in it. Here’s hoping to a more hopeful and loving vibration that I can send out into the world!


    • Caz Makepeace

      That’s awesome you are starting meditation Beth. You’ll find a lot of peace with it. It is really difficult at first so stick with it. Your mind will go crazy as it just wants to think and own everything. Don’t worry if you have thoughts racing around, just sit back and watch them and let them pass by. You’ll learn how to train your mind the more you do it, but it can still never be fully controlled!!
      I am sure next year will be much better for you Beth. I am so sorry it has been a difficult one. Much love and thoughts coming to you and John!


  • Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    I will so be following Caz. I have done some guided meditation and I just love it. I always tell myself I need to learn how to do it for myself. I am so ready to learn xx


    • Caz Makepeace

      Awesome Sonia!! Thanks for joining me. Meditation is such a work in progress but it brings so many benefits. It really is amazing


  • Joy

    I love this site Caz. I can’t believe I never looked at it before. Raising your vibration level. That’s a great way to say it. I’m trying to be more awakened from my mind so I’m fully present in the present! By doing this I’m essentially doing the same thing of raising my vibration level. 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you Joy! I don’t really promote it much through y travel. Maybe I should! I think being present is a major key in raising your vibration level.


  • Brian

    just wanted to say that it is confirmed that you raise your vibrational level by living in love, joy, and gratitude. Very recently I have put into effect a years worth of lessons about love and thanks and joy, and I have found that the more I focus on the things I am thankful for, and the more I show love and compassion for those around me, the happier and seemingly “lighter” i become. Not yet have I reached the place where I feel magic is all around me, but I can tell that my own mind is cleaner, my attitude more compromising, and in general things are more harmonious. Now that I wrote it, that sound like part of the magic 🙂 thanks for offering the world some light.


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