Gratitude and Happiness: health retreats, coastal walks and bike rides

Getting a post about a special moment right

I procrastinated on writing this post for weeks, as I felt I could not capture the moment properly. I still don’t think I did, but I have had such a positive response to it, I feel the moment has made an impact on many other people, and that makes me very happy.

You can read about one of my most treasured travel memories, When Savannah met Alida in a Vanuatu village.

Kalyra graduating from pre-school

Kalyra graduating from pre-school

I tend to think graduations at the age of five are a bit ridiculous, but I as so proud of my baby girl at her graduation ceremony on Thursday. She had her cap and gown on and sang up beautifully for four songs. She received her gift certificate and let everyone know that she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up. Unsure where that one came from. What happened to being a blogger????

As she is a Princess and loves all things pomp and ceremonial, she could not stop beaming.

Great giveaways

I have a great line up of giveaways coming on y travel blog. This week we are giving away a Samsung Galaxy III. I am so disappointed I can not enter as I really want one of these phones. But you can! Just click on the link above.

Watch out for a great camera coming and a voucher for Ziera shoes.

Bouddi National Park coastal walk

Bouddi coastal walk
Bouddi coastal walk

This is one of my favourite walks. We set out to do it again on Tuesday. I was so proud of Kalyra for nearly walking for the entire 8km round trip. We had to coax a lot and incorporate games into it, but she did it, albeit a few carries here and there.  The scenery is so spectacular, you rarely see anther person, there are beautiful bays and beaches to stop for a picnic lunch, and we saw an echidna in the wild!! My first time. It was cool

the hand of friendship has no colour

Empowering quote

When you think, choose carefully
the thoughts of things you’d like to be…
Thoughts entertained in the minds of men
Become tomorrow’s objectified whims”  

Margaret Runyan Castaneda

Brisbane Water 10 km bike ride

Gosford to Woy Woy cycle way

I don’t like cycling much as I always end up with a sore bum and lower back. I do enjoy the freedom a bike brings and using it as an opportunity to see more of the local area. We took Savannah for a bike ride on Thursday around Brisbane Water wetlands and waterways here on the Central Coast. She loved cruising for the 10km ride. It was gentle and the scenery was really beautiful, making me wonder why we had never done it before.

Attending a health retreat

Billabong Retreat
Serenity by a billabong

I’ve always wanted to go on a health retreat and now I understand why I had that urge. It was only for two nights and we did simple yoga and meditation classes  but I learned so much. I can feel the impact it has had on my sense of balance and well-being and it has given me a greater sense of direction and clarity. I am excited by all I learned at the Billabong  Retreat.

Yoga is all about mind body connection and is essential for the health of all people. And it is so much simpler and more enjoyable than postures. Stay tuned, I will be sharing so much of what I learned.

What I’m reading

My titanic theory on changing direction by Sarah Wilson I found this funny that I read this on the train on the way to my health retreat where we spent two days learning how to train our brain.

Why I turned my back on Apple By Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic. A great review of the Samsung Galaxy 3 (Don’t forget we are giving away one. )

Your Turn to Share Tips:

 What are you grateful for and happy about this week?

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  • PlanningQueen

    Lovely post Caz. So very happy things are going gang busters for you guys. The retreat sounds amazing! Would love me one of those!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It was so fantastic Nic! I really want to do one at least every few months now.


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