7 Things I love this Week

I have missed my weekly things I love for a couple of weeks due to newborn busyness. Hopefully it is back here to stay

The goodness of people

Babies make you realize that the world really is full of good people. They all come out of the woodwork to give you a helping hand or an encouraging  word; It is a beautiful thing to experience.

I am so grateful to all those who have been lifting me up lately.

A day at the Races

I spent a day at Rosehill Races for my sister in laws hens day. It was so much fun, I love the races. It used to be a favourite day out for me and my girlfriends.

I especially loved dressing up in a fuchsia red dress and feeling like a real woman for a change.

Kalyra and Savannah

Beautiful Sisters

Inspirational Quote

He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love- Saint Basil

Fake Instagram

I’m an Android user, and Instagram has not developed an app for the Google operating system yet. Boo hiss.

But, I have found an instagram fake app which I have been using instead and I am loving it. The above photo was taken with it. It is such a quick and easy way to capture life with your kids and upload quickly to your social channels.

I love the editing features which can turn a pretty poor photo into something so creative and funky with just the push of a button.

Song: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Chili Peppers are my favourite band and I think Anthony Kiedis is as cool as anything. Reading ‘Scar Tissue,’ his biography, made me really love him and all he has managed to battle through and achieve.

It amazed me how he thinks he doesn’t have a good voice. I think it is one of the sexiest out there in rock land, which matches his divine six pack. He looks great even with a porn star moustache and that weird haircut.

I can’t imagine what an amazing experience it would have been to be on Venice Beach to see them filming this music video for their latest song.

Defines coolness

Blog Post- Entitlement Sucks

I love Kent and Canaan from No Vacation Requires. They are really doing all they can to make a difference in the world and they are very cool guys.

I love this post from theirs Entitlement Sucks It really makes you stop and think how often we bitch and moan about trivial things because we believe we are entitled to so much. We aren’t entitled to anything, each moment is a precious gift that we should savour and adore.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are some of the things you love this week?

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  • Minivan Mama

    I love your list! LOVE the Chili Peppers! Congrats on your new baby!


    • Caz

      Chili peppers are the best!!


  • kirri

    I’ve missed this list! It gives me a little more insight into you as a person and I always learn something new. Reading bios is one of my favorite things to do, so I just added Anthony Kiedis to the list. Thank you x


    • Caz

      It is a great book Kirri. He went through some really wild times.


  • kerwin

    RHCP are the best. I love their groove and funk. Miss John Fruscinate though.


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