The World is Full of Good People

War, rape, riots, murders.. it’s hard to believe that the world is really a good place when we are constantly inundated with stories that tell us the opposite through our media channels.

Sometimes we have to look really hard to find the good that does exist in our world.

Sometimes the good in the world easily finds us.

I remember when Kalyra was born how much I loved walking around the area where we were living. I was always so surprised by the total love and joy that always seemed to be waiting to embrace me.

Kalyra at Mooloolaba

Happy days with Kalyra

Babies have this almost magical power to bring the best out of everyone. People would constantly stop to talk to me and gush over Kalyra. I would often think how tragic it was that this seemed to only ever happen in the presence of babes, it really should be how we all are every time.

Open for conversations, enthusiastic words, encouragement and bubbling joy.

That joy is back in my life again now with Savannah and I am once again touched by the kindness that emanates from everyone I seem to come in contact with.

When my car broke down, the service station attendant spent a long time with me trying to find different solutions to help me with my problems. My sister came to sit with me while we waited and brightened my mood with conversation and support.

When I got home to my mum’s, my sister and mum had baked cakes and brought party food, all for my daughters birthday because I just couldn’t manage it.

We had another party in the park for Kalyra with Craig’s family. They too brought food down to help me out and make it special for her. Craig’s parents help me with my washing and bring in all my bags of stuff from the car while I juggle the two kids.

Encouraging words and helpful advice streams through to me daily through my twitter and facebook streams, my blog comments and emails.

Strangers caring and wanting to help.

This morning I took my girls to the supermarket as our cupboards were bare. The cashier ran over to help me as soon as I walked in the doors and guided me to the shopping trolleys with the baby seats.

Savannah began screaming right when it was time to check out.  I picked her up and began unpacking my trolley with her in my arms.

A young girl walked up to me,

“Excuse me. Can I help you with anything?”

Her smile was bright and kind.

“I’m okay, but thank you so much.”

I had only a few things left when the manager came up,

“I’ll get the rest of that for you. Not a bother at all.” Her Irish accent was so warming.

“Would you like me to get a young man to take your trolley to your car for you?”

“Um sure. That would be really helpful”

She called Eddie over who walked me to my car and put my bags in the boot.

In between all this I had strangers coming up to peer at Savannah, gush over how cute she was, asking me all sorts of questions and wishing me all the best.

Savannah Makepeace

She brings out the best in people

I felt happy that my baby was able to bring a smile to so many people’s hearts, if only for a moment.

I felt happy that many people were able to bring a smile to my heart, if only for a moment.

The world really is full of good people.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you find you have to look hard to notice that the world is full of good people?

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  • Bronnie

    What a lovely post. Every now and then I am reminded that the world is full of good people. And posts like yours reiterate that. You’ve got to love those good people and pay it forward I think. Makes up for all the nasty judgemental ones!


    • Caz

      Thanks Bronnie. I think pay it forward is so important to keep that good people vibe going


  • wanderingeducators

    you’re so right, and often when we’re most frazzled, people sense it and help out. i will never forget the kindness of strangers!


  • Lisa Wood

    There are so many amazing good people in our world….its a matter of having our eyes open so that we can see them!



    • Caz

      Exactly, too often we walk around with our cynical closed eyes and mind.


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