Run Mother Run

After childbirth was over and I lay shaking and convulsing on the delivery bed, I asked the midwife if I was okay and this was normal.

“Of course, You have just experienced what is equivalent to a marathon.”

That was two weeks ago and I don’t feel like I have stopped running.

Since Savannah was born life has been racing along and Ive been trying to keep up. Father’s Day, blogging assignments due, Craig leaving, Kalyra’s b’day and just general living.

And now that Craig has gone, I feel like the marathon has turned into a sprint. From the minute I wake, (after a newborn disrupted sleep mind you) I run from one mother task to another.

There’s food to prepare, a house to clean, children to dress, clothes to wash, things scattered around to pick up, appointments to make, people to see, problems to solve,  blog posts to write, emails to respond to, a toddler to play with, a baby to put to sleep, constant production in the mother-milk factory, and somewhere in there I gotta breathe.

I literally run non-stop all day long. I was even running at four am yesterday when Savannah peed everywhere while changing her mid-feed and then Kalyra came running out as she had weed in her bed.

Change Savannah, change Kalyra, change sheets, feed Savannah, get her down to sleep again, cuddle Kalyra as she is missing Daddy, and get her back to sleep.

And then last night running back and forth to the toilet bowl, carrying Kalyra so she could throw up there rather than my bed.

Run, run, run.

Run Mother run

Running on empty Photo: Ed Yourdon

I’m tired, but not as exhuasted as I should be. I think I’m running on empty.

The only good thing about it is that I am eating far less than I usually would, which often comes about because of boredom. Now I am running while I eat only the main events.

And all this marathon sprinting running would have to mean that I’ll be shedding more baby weight. Wouldn’t it?

Run Mother Run

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  • kirri

    You have a lot to contend with at the moment Caz. A new born is time consuming (sorry lil Savannah!), let alone having a sick child and an away from home hubby. I know you are good at taking care of yourself but…try and take extra care of yourself!!

    Running on empty usually means running on deficit.

    Thinking of you x


    • Caz

      Thanks Kirri. I’m dreaming of health retreats right now. Might run on over to one.


  • Sarah@Mum's gone 2 Aus

    I’m exhausted just reading this, and remembering what the days and weeks were like after our no. 2! Hope the energy levels remain.
    Have you ever read the research about sportswomen who perform better after having children? Lots of theories about hormone levels and blood capacity improving the way women perform, especially if they keep training after child birth. I got into training after no. 2 and ran a half marathon; I had never been as fit and don’t think I’d be able to do it again!
    Maybe it’s time to get in training for that marathon? One that doesn’t involve pee and night time feeds!


    • Caz

      I would love to read that research Makes perfect sense. I think I might start marathon training tomorrow. I’ve had a good warm up so far 🙂


  • Jacquie

    Caz – you have definitely got your hands full at the moment. Hopefully Craig will be home before you know it. No advice – just take care of yourself somehow in amongst the craziness.


    • Caz

      I went and got my hair cut today which boosted my spirits somewhat. This too shall pass, and then I will probably miss the running.


  • MummyK

    Times like this I miss having a nanny and help in the Philippines.


    • Caz

      That would have been so cool. I really really crave a maid. I detest cleaning and think it is the biggest waste of time. One day it will be my reality


  • Rachel Denning

    Had #5 last September. He just turned a year. I swear I didn’t sleep longer than three hours at a time since before he was born.

    It’s amazing what a mother can do, even with no sleep!


    • Caz

      Number five. Wow. Super mother. I can only imagine how little sleep you must be having. It is incredible how you learn to adjust. Our four year old still wakes up during the night so I’m just so used to this as the norm.


  • Lisa Wood

    Slow Down! You need to look after yourself so that you can look after your girls! I think us Mothers try to do too much. Wonder why we try to be super Mum, super clean, super cook, Super tidy and super too much all at once?

    I remember a great midwife once telling me to take it easy at leat 4 weeks after baby is born so that my body would handle what ever life throws at me! Wished I had of listened.

    Take one day at a time – forget the house work – it will still be there next week, or next year!

    Forget the day to day living chores – turn off the phone, order take out and a DVD! Put your feet up and forget about Run Mother Run so that you can enjoy baby!

    They grow so fast, and before you know it they are ready to leave home. Take time to be still, and enjoy! Take time to let it all go…time never stops, but spending time enjoying will be what you all need.

    Then again – maybe you just need to purchase a ticket to New Zealand and run to catch up with Hubby who is having so much fun 😉



    • Caz

      I know, mothers just keep on going and always put others needs first. It’s funny, that the housework never used to bother me but now I feel I have to have the house so tidy all the time. Weird what little babies can bring out in you.
      Hubby is having too much fun, just hope he returns the favour one day 🙂


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