I have spent today feeling immense gratitude for my life in its present state.


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Part of that gratitude extends out to all of you currently reading this post and to everyone, good or bad, who has been a part of my life. As each person has helped shaped my destiny in some way or another.

I wrote a post recently on “Gratitude is it too touchy feely.

In that post I mentioned that I think anyone who doesn’t value the power of gratitude may never really have experienced total joy in their life or unspeakable pain.

I think either of these experiences or emotions will lead you to the understanding that gratitude is one of the most beautiful emotions to feel and one of the most powerful forces on our planet.

Gratitude allows us to say thank you, not just with our voices, but with our hearts and souls. To acknowledge that life, in all its issues, complexities, and disasters, is also very beautiful.

And by saying thank you we acknowledge the special role that we and everyone plays and we embrace that.

Gratitude allows us to say that we love our life and we are living it fully, in the way that it was intended and we desire the same for every other person.

So today, I say thank you so much.

And with that thanks comes my promise to do all I can to be the best I can be and to help others do the same.

Here’s a short you tube video I found with inspirational quotes on gratitude. Enjoy

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