Dear Little Angel: A letter to my Unborn Child

This letter is written by Lina Nguyen from Mothers Love Letters

Kalyra and her baby sister

Dear Little Angel,

I am so happy that your mummy let me write this letter to you.

I really like writing letters to children. It’s extra special when I get to write a letter to a baby who is still inside their mother’s womb.

Your mummy can’t wait to see your beautiful face… smell the scent of your pure perfection… and feel your tiny feet, which hold the spirit of intrepid travellers.

Right now, is a time when it’s very easy for others to get impatient and want you to hurry up so that they can meet you. If they get this way, it’s only because they’re so excited.

You’ll come when it’s right. At precisely the right moment. Exactly as you’re meant to.

Your mummy has a plan for how she would like you to arrive here. I hope for her, that things work out the way she would like.

But, even if things turn out a little differently, I know all she wants –

Is for you to arrive as safely as possible, so that you can start your new life in the best way she can possibly give you.

Your mummy is an incredible woman. She is incredibly strong and brave. I know why you have chosen her.

You have chosen her, your dad and Kalyra because you want to know love in this life time. From the very moment you started this physical life as an embryo, you have known great love.

May you also know, that there is nothing you need to do, to receive more love from your mummy. She loves you, simply because you are her daughter.

Her love for you is truly unconditional. It is pure and non-judgmental.

What’s more, your mother’s love for you is eternal. She will be with you, forever.

May you continue to know this, in your final days in her safe, warm, womb.

Let this guide you, as you work together to bring you into this world. Your mummy will be there to help you, all the way.

With all of her mother’s love.

Thank you for receiving my letter with an open heart, Little Angel.

I hope I get to meet you some day.

With Love,


Thank you so much to Lina Nguyen for writing this beautiful letter as a gift to myself and my little angel. I accept it with great pleasure and gratitude. It is truly beautiful and makes me so happy to know that my little girl is being welcomed into this world with such warmth, wisdom, and love.

Lina founded the beautiful Mothers Love Letters where she writes inspiring, uplifting and empowering letters to her sons. Her letters,  born from the power of a mother’s love, provide messages we can all learn from. Follow her on twitter

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  • Lina@MothersLoveLetters

    Look at that photo, with all the Makepeace Girls, in all one shot! Pure beauty!
    What a special, special time for you all.
    So much love. Exactly what life is about.
    Sending a rainbow of mother’s love from my heart to yours,


    • Caz

      Thank you so much again Lina!! such a beautiful gift


  • Jackie Stenhouse

    May your beautiful baby arrive safe and sound. I absolutely love newborn babies, they are so pure and innocent. I love the photo of you and your 2 children.


    • Caz

      Thank you!


  • Thao Hannaford

    What privilege it is for you Lina to write a letter to another mother’s unborn child. May that child arrive safely into this wonderful world and may she be blessed with all the good things life has to offer.


    • Caz

      Thank you very much. It’s so lovely to know that many people are wishing good things for my daughter


  • Lisa Wood

    I never thought that Lina writing could get any better – today I was shown that it can. I love reading Dear Little Angel A Letter To My Unborn Child.

    Lina you are amazing with words – thank you so much for sharing how to welcome a new baby into the world.

    Caz – I am so looking forward to reading about your beautiful little girl arriving safe n sound into your families arms. Tha is one amazing photo with your daughter kissing her sister 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful new journey.



    • Caz

      It is a beautiful photo. Kalyra is so sweet with her baby sister already. She can’t wait until she comes and keeps harassing me to hurry up and bring her!!


  • The modern parent

    Looking forward to hearing of your darling daughters safe arrival. I know she will give you so much joy and will be a wonderful playmate for Kalyra. I am sure she will be a wonderful big sister and will adore her just as my boys are adoring their new little brother 🙂


    • Caz

      Thank you! Kalyra is really looking forward to having a little sister


  • Eileen

    What a special time it is during the “baby” years. Lovely dedication letter Lina and so true. I especially like the point about your mother being with you forever. I will forever happily be by the side of my 3 beautiful children and that shall remain even as they become adults.

    Enjoyed reading.

    Eileen. 🙂


    • Caz

      I really enjoyed that part too. that iss a mothers love, it never dies.


  • Hilary

    As always Lina, beautifully written. I am always filled with gratitude and love for my own two children when I read your articles.

    Caz, how precious to have this letter to your unborn child. I wish you and your family heaps for love, joy, health and happiness now and always. Look forward to hearing about your daughter’s arrival.


    • Caz

      Thank you Hiliary


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