A Fuschia Pink Dress

I’ve never really been a girly girl.

Craig often says the reason he married me was because I could drink beer better than him.

I was always too busy to being a blokey chick and running around the world to worry about frilly dresses, make up and fancy hair dos.

It always seemed like too much money and too much hassle to get myself all prettied up and to stay that way.

I often feel great trepidation when it comes to going out for a girly day or night out, because I never feel pretty enough. I never have the clothes to wear or the know how to make my hair and make up all beautiful and stylish.

My sister in law hen’s day was coming up and it was a day at the races. I had no idea how I was going to muster up the style that is required for Ladies Day at the races.

Ladies day  at the races

Ladies Day

I hurriedly chose whatever dress I could find at the local clothes store. I wasn’t real happy with it, the purple colour was way darker than I would normally wear, but I didn’t have the time to really look anywhere else. And hiding underneath that was the fear that I wouldn’t find anything else that looked good anyway so just settle for it.

My next dilemma was to find shoes, and after looking at several shoe stores in Sydney and gasping at the prices, I decided that maybe an alternative plan was needed. I knew I had shoes at home so it was time to change the dress I wasn’t really happy with.

Mum took me into Myers, a place I’ve never shopped at before because I get scared of department stores, they feel too stiff to me for some reason.

There were plenty of sales happening so I started browsing the racks thinking that I wouldn’t really find anything.

Then I found the Stella rack and every dress on it I loved. What had I been missing out on?

I pulled six off the rack, grabbed Kalyra’s hand and marched straight to the dressing room.

The red dress Kalyra loved but I had to veto her for the fuchsia pink dress that I felt was way more me.

A fuschia pink dress

Love this dress

As soon as I put it on on I knew it was the one. And for the first time in my life, I felt like a real woman of fashion and I realized that I had been missing out.

This is what women should be able to feel like in clothes that gently molded to your skin and sashay around you in a stylish manner making you feel like a million bucks

And I needed to feel like a million bucks.

I did not hesitate to hand over my card and pay way over what I would normally pay for an item of clothing, unless it was a travel related waterproof jacket or something.

I walked out of there with a spring in my step.

A fuchsia pink dress will do that to you.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you like dressing up and feeling like a real woman?

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  • kirri

    Aww Caz, Im so happy that you not only treated yourself but that you revelled in your girlyness!! We’re so much more than our clothes and appearance but there’s nothing wrong with having a fashion pick me up.

    I have a fuchsia dress of my own and wore it to the races last year and two weddings so far.

    You look gorgeous! Own it 🙂


    • Caz

      I can’t wait to wear my dress again. Now I am looking for fancy occasions so I can. It feels great to treat yourself, certainly is a pick me up


  • Christine

    At home I used to be one of the “stylish” ones, but a shift in priorities (namely, travel more with fewer things) means that I don’t spend nearly as much time and money on how I look anymore. Most of the time, I’m totally OK with that decision–but there are some times when I miss getting all dressed up and looking and feeling my best! I’m certainly looking forward to splurging for the Melbourne Cup–if nothing else, I will certainly be buying a hat for my first day at the races! Love that dress, btw–perfect color for you!


    • Caz

      It is hard to stay fashionable when your money is going elsewhere. I was choking when I was shopping at the prices that so many people were obviously spending. I can’t help but think how many days that item would give me in Thailand. But, it is nice to splurge every now and then.

      Enjoy the Melbourne Cup. I am so excited you are going, you will love it.


  • Lina@MothersLoveLetters

    Yep, just allow, Caz. Allow yourself to feel like a million bucks, to feel beautiful and for you to receive good things – for no reason, other than because you want to.



    • Caz

      It’s nice to let go and accept that


  • Veronica @ Mixed Gems

    I’m so not a girly girl either so if my girls grow that way inclined, it will be despite me. I wrote a post about it in June – Something Pink & Gender Stereotyping. As to dressing up though, I have no idea what to buy after being pregnant and breastfeeding for over three years. I want to sometimes, but then I revert to my casual, comfortable self. Maybe it I had more fancy places to go I might break through and make more effort.


    • Caz

      It is so easy to be casual and comfortable especially with everything we have to do as a mum. It is way too exhausting to doll yourself up all the time. Once in a while to remind yourself that you are a woman is nice


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