Is this a Pregnancy Thing?

I find myself asking this question a lot lately.

reasons why pregnancy is harder the second time

Is this a pregnancy thing?

Once again, as I sit here, staring into space, flickering from website to website, not really taking anything in.

I know I have piles of work to do, and I really want to do it. I am motivated and have heaps of ideas I want to follow up on, but I just can’t get it done. I am usually so much more productive then this and it’s really annoying me.

I cannot focus.

I just can’t pull myself together to do what needs to be done. My latest podcast episode is recorded but finding its time to be published. “Things I love this week” has not been written, not because I don’t have things I loved, but because I can’t get it done. And my thought for the week? I can barely string a sentence together at the moment.

Is this a normal pregnancy thing? Does it happen closer to your due date?

I guess it is no wonder. I’m having trouble sleeping lately.

Is this a pregnancy thing? Seems as if 2am is the time bubs will be wanting a feed in a month or so.

I do have a few things lately on my mind which could be contributing to the lack of sleep and focus.

And then there is the teeth that feel like they are about to fall out of my mouth, they are so sore and tender. It freaks me out, as it reminds me of my vividly real reoccuring dream where my teeth really do crumble and fall out of my mouth.

I guess this is a pregnancy thing.

I was rudely awoken the other morning with my calf muscle clenched tightly around my bone up near the back of my knee cap. I tried so hard not to scream the house down with the pain as I tried, in a panic, to get my heel to come down and plant itself back on the ground. My calf muscle has been aching for days since.

I guess this is a pregnancy thing. Preparing me for labour maybe?

I can’t cough anymore unless I am sitting on the loo- I guess you know why that is a pregnancy thing

My tummy is crampy and nauseous and I’m sitting here like a 60 year old woman in the midst of a hot flush.

Is this a pregnancy thing?

I had a dream run with Kalyra. I never experienced any of this. I have been under a lot more stress though with this pregnancy and I am not as healthy and physically fit. I’m starting to freak out now as to what this might mean for childbirth.

I know one thing for sure, is that I am over this pregnancy thing.

I’m packing my maternity bag tomorrow.

My little signal to bubs that I am ready when she is.

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  • kirri

    Ohh Caz, I do feel for you but I have to admit to having a wee giggle as….yes it is a pregnancy thang! At least, I can relate well to many of the things you speak about. The last 6 weeks of pregnancy can be really challenging hey. I wish you well….not long to go now!


    • Caz

      It is really challenging. It was so easy with Kalyra, but that was a different time though. i’m ready to get this ball rolling.


  • Stace

    Yes, everything you’ve mentioned is a “pregnancy thing” and a lot more common than you might think!! The lack of focus is a combination of the hormones being released in your body, lack of sleep, being distracted by baby-related things (like being kicked in the rib, or which pram to buy)… it all adds up to turn you into a scatterbrain. 😉


    • Caz

      I’m glad it is not just me then and pregnancy hormone related. My mind is totally all over the place. Driving me batty!!


  • liza

    i also got the point, and now know what i felt for.


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