7 Newborn Baby Must Have Products

Now that I am getting closer to the arrival of our little girl, we are preparing a list of must have products for a newborn baby.

I can barely remember what I felt was must have for Kalyra, so I have put the question to my fanpage community to ask their thoughts,.,

Here is a list of things I do remember as being a lifesaver for me.

Baby Bed

We wanted Kalyra to be sleeping in the same bed as us for the first couple of weeks. We were, of course, very concerned that we might roll on top of her during the night.

Enter the baby bed.

The baby bed

Safe Co-sleeping

This was the perfect solution. We put the bed in between us, and with its hard plastic sides, there was no way we could roll on her. It was also awesome to use as a portable bed for her around the house when I needed her to be near me.

Baba Sling

This was so handy for me when it came time to walk down the street, cook at home or do any cleaning. I would just pop her in the sling and carry her around with me. She was nice and cosy in there and usually would sleep soundly. I always enjoyed ladies on the street pulling the sling back to check if there was a really a baby in there.

Sleeping Bag

Kalyra hated being wrapped up, she would squirm herself out every time. She also hated the blankets on her; she still does. The sleeping bag was the perfect thing for keeping her warm at night. We didn’t get it until she was about 3 months old, and wish we did it sooner.

Baaby Car Capsule

I did not have one of these for Kalyra, but am definitely getting one for new bubs. I hated getting her in and out of her car seat and waking her up from a deep sleep. It was the worst.

Baby capsules allow you to just pop out the part they are lying in so they can continue snoozing uninterrupted.

Feeding Pillow

Again, another one I did not have with Kalyra, but longed for one the whole time. I could never find one in Australia and would have to rely on a normal pillow. I think they are more common now.

The feeding pillow makes it so much easier to rest while you feed and get your baby in a comfortable position, especially once they start growing.


Baby bouncer

Rockin out

This was so handy to put Kalyra in to entertain herself while I was busy running around doing my thing. She loved sitting in it when I was having my shower and gazing at the wispy fog circling around her.

Classical Music CD

I would always play this for Kalyra, which I am sure she found relaxing and soothing. I know I did. There is plenty of research out there that suggests that playing classical music for a baby at a very young age (even in utero) helps aid their intellectual development.

Of course, there is the obvious stroller, nappies, baby wipes, nappy bag, and clothes, which I am sure you knew about already.

And the recommendations from the lovely mothers in my fanpage community

  • Torkona Exon other than nappies, wipes.. bassinet for mum & dad’s room. Cant’ be away from baby for the first month at least 🙂 should be 6 months old when she moves out. good luck!
  • Marianne O’Sullivan i found the swing/rocker a lifesaver, even if she is distracted for 10 minutes, itś enough time to brush teeth/eat food 🙂 good luck!

  • Amber Roth DeGracePatemm changing pads are the best. Easy to fold one-handed. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for diaper rash. Natursutten natural rubber pacifiers. Prince Lionheart baby seats for easy feeding anywhere.

  • Bec Waterhouse I did a post about this a year ago about a month after Abi was born : Newborn Must Haves I’d like to also add to that list and perhaps most importantly an understanding DOCTOR. If we hadn’t had a good doctor Abi’s reflux may not have been diagnosed and treated like Erin’s (even though we were seeing a world reknown paed) OH! If you’re after brand recommendations, Abi had eczema and is allergic to perfumes in baby products, we’ve used Baby Organics and haven’t had skin issues since. Also her hair is so much shinier and soft too.

  • Tutu Ames The main thing would be Botty Butter best stuff ever for everything!!

  • Lynette Duncan O’Brien Feeding pillow – 1 that can be used for either breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
  • Mandy Ferry  Gaia, I believe is the best brand in baby wash products.  There are so many products with really awful stuff in it.  I felt good knowing I was using something organic.  Also it is not expensive, available at both the supermarket and chemist, it’s easy to access and affordable, which we all need when we’ve got a new baby.
    Along the same line I believe it’s essential to get a bath bed.  Don’t waste money on a baby bath, which they outgrow really quickly.  A bed bath just allows you to release the baby and not hurt your back huddled over the bath the whole time.  Obviously you still need to watch your baby the whole time, but you can stand upright and it’s a lot more relaxing.
Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are your newborn baby must have products and why?

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