Making Changes – The Cycle of Life

This is a guest post from Mandy at A little Space Like Home

Something that often plays on my mind is the cycle of life.

I think about the life my mother has lived, my Nan also, and consider how it has impacted on me.

You see I was raised in a single parent household, and whilst it’s all too common now it wasn’t so much then.  For me, I felt like a bit of an outcast, and the consequences were both emotional and financial.

We always had a beaten down car, rented a home, and participating in extras like school excursions was only made possible with the support of the school = equal embarrassment for said child.

When I think about how my mum ended up in this position I put it down to the fact that she was in a relationship, one that would have been ok when you’re 19.  But then she fell pregnant, and then, the relationship, well it needed to be a bit more permanent, but my dad he wasn’t really suitable for permanent, and I guess the rest is history.

But despite all this I love my mum, respect my mum and am truly grateful for the sacrifices she made to give us the best life possible.

I’m now in my 30’s and can truly understand how much she gave up.  I think back, night after night, mum and us kids at home, no adult conversation for her to share.  These days people have Facebook, twitter all sorts of social media to help beat loneliness.  But back then this was not the case.

Move forward to 21st Century.

The Cycle of Life


When it came time for me to start making decisions about my adult life, who I was going to be, what I was going to achieve, the life I had lived, the life my mum had lived played a huge part.

I wanted to live bigger and achieve more, not only for me, but also for my mother.

I wanted to break the cycle of life.

So what are some of the things I’ve achieved when attempting to break the cycle?

  • Found a partner that would enable me to be happily married
  • Bought a home
  • Waited until I was 30 before having children
  • Worked my way up the corporate ladder (to some degree)

I realize that these things do not guarantee me happiness, but in a bid to ensure I did not end up on my own struggling to give my children a good life, I was determined to set myself goals.  These goals enable me to provide my family with financial stability, and a sense security.

I hope to raise my children with the belief that they can do anything, be anyone, and hopefully they will continue to build on the foundation that we have created, living life the best you can.

What steps have you taken to give your family the best possible life? Did you feel the need to break the cycle? Or are you happy mirroring the life your parents lived?


Bio: Mandy is the author of A little Space Like Home and blogs about all things mum and kids!  An eclectic range of posts from raising kids, to crafts, cooking, photography and exercise.

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  • Kirrily

    Very interesting post. And good on you for identifying those main things/having goals that would enable you to form your own ‘cycle’. It is your life, after all.

    I’ve too many to mention in this post, suffice to say that there was enough of a family pattern (and the more I looked, the more I discovered, down both my maternal and paternal lines) that it compelled me to study how to extricate myself from those conditionings that were not mine.


  • kirri

    I’m a life coach so I am a bit biased when it comes to the value of goals 🙂
    I also believe that bringing goals to life has a lot to do with persistence, focus and clarity ~traits which you seem to have downpat.

    It’s always inspiring to read about people creating the lives they truly desire…Thanks for sharing your story and props to Caz for having you on Mojito Mother!


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