Drinking Tea is one of my Favourite Things to Do

Many years ago, I decided that it was essential for my health that I start drinking green tea.

I knew the powerful health benefits of it and that many people swore by its antioxidant goodness, revitalizing powers and general well-being.

Drinking green tea in Koh Lanta Thailand

What a view to drink tea with- Koh Lanta Thailand

I found the flavour of green tea to be too bitter to start with and had to force every single mouthful down my throat. But, I persisted.

Tea tasting in Chinatown San Francisco

Tea tasting in Chinatown San Francisco

I soon learned after spending time in Thailand that I was doing it all wrong. I was trying to drink using tea bags. Ugh! Green tea just does not taste right drinking it through a porous paper bag.

Breakfast tea Koh TAo Thailand

Breakfast tea Koh Tao Thailand

I learned that the best way to drink green tea is by drinking the seeped tea leaves.

And so started my real love affair with tea.

Taking a break on the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Taking a tea break hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge China

I was excited to go to China to have more tea experiences, and I think I literally almost drank all the tea in China. Days were spent lazing around drinking copious amounts of tea, of all sorts of flavours.

Tea after a traditional Laotian sauna and massage

Tea after a traditional Laotian sauna and massage

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tea break

Pot of tea with lunch Tiger Leaping Gorge China

I’ll never forget ordering my first tea in Yangshuo China. I decided to get adventurous and try something other than green tea. I ordered some sort of flowery tea and it arrived in a beautiful brown porcelain tea cup with Chinese engraved writing on it.

A lid was on top trapping inside all the brewing goodness. I opened the lid and remarked to Craig,

“Oh dear, Craig, I think they have forgotten to take the tea out.”

drinking tea around the world

Time for Tea?

There floating on top of my tea was a giant orange flower that looked just like a daisy.

“How am I meant to drink that?”

“Tell them. I’m sure they can fix it.”

I called over the waiter.

“Um… Excuse me. I think there is a problem, there are still flowers in the tea.”

“Yes” he nodded matter of factly. “In China, this is how we drink tea. I can take it out if you like.”

“No, it is okay.”

I was very doubtful, but if I was going to be drinking all the tea in China then I wanted to do it like the Chinese.

Lijang China

Reading and drinking tea in Lijang China

I saw a Chinese medicine doctor who prescribed a special tea formula for me to help clean my blocked kidney chi and get rid of the dark circles that constantly shroud my eyes.

My special kidney chi tea

My special kidney chi tea

For the next month, I continued drinking cup after cup of Chinese finest tea concoctions, all with the bits and pieces floating around. I learned how to sip and navigate leafs and twig ever so deftly.

Drinking tea in Shrangri la

At a Tibetan tea house in Shrangri la China

Studying with green tea China

Green tea and study go well together

Tea with strangers China

Tea with strangers Dali China

I don’t drink tea any other way now. People always remark to me

“You drink the tea with the leaves still in it?”

“Of course, it is the only way to drink it. That is how they drink it in China. Tastes way better.”

Of course, whether it tastes better or not is still undecided, but it is more the experience I am tasting if I leave the leaves inside.

Japanese Gardens San Francisco

Japanese Gardens San Francisco

Tea Tiger Leaping Gorge

How could a tea not suit this view with some journal writing?

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  • jean

    i am a beginner of drinking tea, i saw your beutiful pics and enjoyed your thoughts and exsperiance with teas, thank you and know that you have imspired me.


    • Caz

      You are welcome. Enjoy your tea journey!


  • Hannah

    Wow you’ve tried some great teas and done a lot of travelling. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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