9 Practical Strategies for Making the Waiting Game Fun and Positive

Have you ever felt anxious, fearful and insecure when waiting around for the think you most want to appear in your life arrive?

Usually the waiting game is fraught with tension and frayed nerves. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

In fact, it really shouldn’t.

The more anxious and fearful you are the more chance you have of bringing into your life a negative result.

What you think about you bring about

You have to learn ways to make the waiting game positive and fun so that this positive energy will help attract that certain job, project, proposal or person into your life.

I discuss this waiting game and offer 9 practical strategies to turn it into a positive and fun experience that will only bring you valuable rewards.

I will also talk about why you might not want to do this and why you really should. The benefits are far too great.

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  • Lina@MothersLoveLetters

    I love your positive outlook on life, Caz. You are so energetic and powerful. Thank you for sharing your love.


    • Caz

      Thnak you Linna. i appreciate it. And you as well!


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