Are You Tube and Facebook Destroying our Society?

The room was very sullen and still when the principal addressed year 5 and 6 in the hall. He began talking about watching a video on You Tube, which I thought perhaps might turn into an entertaining story.

After all, this is what You Tube is about, right?

As his voice became sterner, I began to think more about what this portal for civilian news and entertainment just might be doing to our children.

A couple of students from the school had been filming themselves in a fight at the local skate park. Obviously not afraid of anyone seeing it, least of all their peers, they had the name of one of the students in the title of the video, which certainly made the police’s job that much easier to find which school to visit and house door to knock on.

Mortification passed by the faces of all the teachers in the room. My only thought , was what the hell is wrong with us?

What the hell is wrong with our society, that our children think glorified violence is cool and the only way to achieve acceptance and acknowledgement.

Why are they resorting more to stupid acts and antics like this on facebook and you tube just to have notoriety?

There are many people in our society who will blame you tube and facebook for this. Again, a classic case of trying to impose more rules and regulations to control the symptoms of the problem.

We never want to actually deal wtih the cause.

This is not a you tube or a facebook problem. I’ve heard the argument against facebook because young girls are meeting strangers online and terrible things are happening, like rape as a result and that bullying occurs on the site.

I am sorry that this happens, but it’s nothing new. These crimes have been going on for centuries. And if spineless prey aren’t finding their victims online, they are finding them elsewhere.

Yes, you tube and facebook are making it easier for the children, and adults, of our society to gain attention. A lot of the time it is done in a tasteless and vulgar manner. When you look underneath this you will find people who always behave in this way and have not learned any skills needed to become productive citizens who contribute positively.

It is like B grade celebrities such as Paris Hilton, who have absolutely no talent, and have to find degrading and stupid ways to get in the limelight.

Let’s look at where the real problem lies. Who is it watching and listening and reading this trash? People in society. Who encourages this? People in society.Who is standing up for our children by trying to make them accountable, teaching them right from wrong, how to be caring decent citizens, who to live themselves and others? No one.

Are the leaders in our society? No they are just creating more rules to deal with symptoms and get more revenue. All they care about are their own agendas. Like the recent law about to be introduced  in Melbourne, fining people almost $300 if they are caught using offensive language on the streets.

They should have been in my classroom the other day when a student told another “F##k off you c##t!” There’s $600 right there.

you tube and facebook

Is you tube to blame?

How on earth are these fines going to fix the problem?

The real issue

We are raising children who have no interest in being better human beings. Who have no desire to be the best they can be? Who fail to understand what respect means, not just for others, but more importantly themselves. They don’t know how to solve problems, how to work hard, how to love and care.

We are failing them, so badly. So much so that they think beating each other up, or posting nude photos of themselves online is going to get them the attention they so badly crave and make them feel like for once that they are someone special.

It breaks my heart to think that a child’ s own parents can’t do this, and as a result teach them just how beautiful, powerful and magical they are and their life can be. Our schools should be able to pick up from here and help our kids more, but they don’t.They are drowning in red tape, paper work, and curriculums that are not created to help prepare our children for life outside the prison school walls

Our culture is based upon fear, negativity, and glorification and celebration of debauchery, violence, and foolishness.

Why can’t those who are doing incredible things get a million hit on you tube?

Because no one wants to watch it or read it. They don’t because it makes them feel inferior. It makes them feel as if they are not good enough. It’s time each person, got over this and allowed the good to shine and surface. It is when we do this that we allow others to do the same and we raise the standards of our society.

Let positivity and others’ greatness demonstrate exactly what we ourselves are capable of.

It’s not you tube or facebooks fault. It is our fault.

We need to do something about it for the sake of our little babies whose chance at a beautiful, happy, rewarding life is being squashed by a society who has lost its way and no longer cares.

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What are your thoughts about these issues? Is you tube and facebook to blame?

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