Our Secret Donut List

Craig and I have a secret donut list.

It’s a list that unfortunately grows longer rather than dwindles away with each coming day.

On that list sits a bunch of people we plan to get really fat one day.

We are going to stuff them with creamy donuts from their favourite donut shop. They can have any flavour or style they like. Cream filled, or maybe jam? Chocolate glazed or sprinkles layered on top of sticky sweet strawberry syrup? Or maybe custard filling is more their type?

Put them on your donut list

Any type you like

We don’t care. Order up!

Want to get on this list?

Nope. I hope you don’t either.

The Donut list is our secret little list of people who we’d actually prefer to smoosh the donuts into their faces.

The donut list is our bitter sweet revenge list.

It’s not really a list that we will eventually act on, but we act on it every time some naysayer, dream stealer or pissant decides to tell us why our dreams are unimportant or unachievable. It’s for all the people who think they have a right to say how we will run our life.

It’s our secret way of letting telling them,

“No way. Not on our dreams you don’t.”

It’s our way of letting their negativity slide like water off a duck’s back.

We learned it from an entrepreneur once. He told us that one of the biggest obstacles you will face long the way to achieving your dreams are those people who try to tell you it can’t be done. Those people who try to steal your dreams and aspirations from you.

Instead of getting mad with them, and wasting your precious energy time allowing them to rent space in your head, you simply just put them on your donut list.

What is the donut list then?

As he described it, it is simply this.

The day when, after all your hard work, sleepless nights, perseverance and obstacle hurdling, your dream life eventually arrives (and it will), you simply get yourself dressed in your favourite summer clothes. Maybe a summer dress, or board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

You walk out of your dream home, wherever it may be. You slip your sunnies on your head, and walk to the car enjoying another day of glorious sunshine spent doing what you love.

The top is down and you cruise along the coastal road ready to go and pay a visit to some people you know. People who once had a lot to say to you.

Life couldn’t be better and the sea breeze cannot wipe the smile from your face.

You pull up at the first house, carrying in your hand a box of delicious, sweet and creamy surprises.

You knock on the door, and alas there is the person who once told you you couldn’t do it opening the door.

You smile so brightly and give them your cheeriest hello.

And then you let them know

“I was just in the neighbourhood and thought I would drop you off this box of donuts, just to let you know I was thinking of you on one of my many days off!!”

You smile sweetly, pass them the donuts, grin broadly, kick your heels together and let them know you are off for another fantastic day doing what you love doing.

And that is the donut list.

See when you have a secret donut list, you can really smile quite broadly when you are dealing with the onslaught of negativity that is bound to come your way from the naysayers.

It automatically shields you from their attempts to bring you down. You are already winning, because you know that success will be yours and the day will come when you can deliver the donuts that will shut them up for good.

Now, all Craig and I say to each other when someone pisses us off in this way.

“Put them on the donut list.”

And we instantly feel like we’ve won.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you have a secret donut list? How do you deal with the dreamstealers in your life?

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