Why I don’t care about government budgets?

government budgets

The budget was released yesterday, or wait was it the day before? I don’t really remember. All I know was I heard the words deficit and surplus mentioned several times and members of both political parties tearing each up yet again.

Yawn. Switch over to The Voice, something that at least inspires me to reach greater heights.

I often feel bad at my total disdain and lack of interest in politics and budgets. I mean I really should care shouldn’t I? Isn’t it these things that determine my fate? Shouldn’t I be more concerned with how the country is being run and what it means for all people?

It’s not that I don’t care, I really do, but I care more about helping people see how they are in fact in charge of their lives, not political parties, or government budgets. I don’t really have a political allegiance, because my views and beliefs are always evolving so how can I lock myself into one way of thinking all my life AND I know that whoever is in and whatever policies they set won’t effect me to a large degree.

Now if I was living in a country like Iran or Sudan, I might have a different view. Policies set by those political systems do tend to have a very large effect on an individual’s life.

But, I’m not that fussed here in Australia. You see I’ve never cared about government or budgets and I have spent the majority of my adult life living it how I want. I’ve traveled and worked around the world in various different jobs, and positions, and now created my own business and ultimate lifestyle. I’ve made lots of money and I have lost a shit load of money (read that pain here)

Absolutely none of this happened in my life as a result of budgets or government policy, or political parties in power. It all happened as a result of my choices. Sure I have a lot of freedom and the Australian government does do a really good job of looking after it’s people. Sometimes perhaps a little too good. And I really do appreciate this. So in this regards perhaps it plays a much bigger hand than I realize. (BTW I base this opinion from living in 5 countries- believe me we’ve got it good in Australia)

But, what I am trying to get at is that you can never ever rely on government to give you the life you want and to make your circumstances better or worse. You are at the centre of it. You hold all the power. It’s why during recessions or depressions many millionaires are made.

It’s people saying I’ll make it work no matter what, I”ll arm myself with knowledge and experience and I’ll seize opportunities.

I have always had the attitude in life, even as a young girl, if I don’t know something I’ll learn it. I’ve had this strange need to make myself invaluable and arm myself with as many skills as possible so that I cover all bases.

That way when the shit hits the fan thanks to government policies, and we know that is possible, I can go make my life better with my own skills and knowledge. I don’t fall in a heap and curse my political leaders. Why would I want to leave my life to people who seem more intent on name calling and one up man-ship than to work together to make a business thrive?

They can’t look after the needs of all people, it’s impossible. With each new policy and budget release there will be losers. And even if you fall into these groups who lose, you can still decide to be a winner.

So I really don’t know how the new budget will effect me or anyone else around me. I have never known. I don’t want to lose my focus on what it is I can do to make my life great.

But then again, maybe I don’t care because I don’t really understand the words deficit and surplus.

Do you?

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Why should I care about budgets and policies? Do you? or do you feel you can still win regardless?

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  • case

    ahh, feel like I could have written this myself. I’m glad others feel he way I do about the budget & life.

    I totally agree that we get it pretty good here and that what I make of myself is based on what I create, I have/will never expect the government to create or maintain a life for me.



    • Caz Makepeace

      No and it is so dangerous to rely on them. They change too much.


  • Vanessa

    I always think I should get interested in politics. But then all I hear is the extreme negativity and name calling and I just can’t stay interested.

    I always make an informed decision when it comes time to vote, and I pick that party that suits me at the time. I don’t understand how people can only ever vote for one party.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I agree Vanessa. It’s so hard to stay interested and inspired when all they do is behave like school children to each other. They should be working together to try and make our country better, not playing a stupid game to see who’s ego can get the highest.


  • Mai Bateson

    Well said Caz, sometimes it’s very hard to get interested but it doesn’t mean we don’t care and we don’t involved ourselves. There are so many problems in the world that we have to face. And we shouldn’t expect the government to create or maintain a life for its citizens.


    • Caz Makepeace

      The government is probably one of the worse things to rely on. They generally don’t hang around for long and their policies only have a foresight of 4 years, if that


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