Gratitude and happiness

The Remarkables Birthday bash

So my agent’s 1st birthday was on Thursday evening at Eau De Vie in Darlinghurst. It was a slightly, quirky and cosy venue, perfect for the celebration. Lorraine has done super amazingly well in her first year of business and has such incredible growth. She is helping open so many doors for bloggers in Australia. I am stoked to be a part of it. I drank far too much wine, but had so many amazing conversations and laughter with old friends and new.

Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie

One day I will become a better food photographer

I fell in love with pumpkin pie when we lived in the States. I was super excited to make this recipe from Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar ebook. It was delicious!! Kalyra could  not get enough of it.I need to make a few slight adjustments next time but its a winner for sure.  Click here to view details of her cookbook (affiliate link)

P.S just made another one tonight and nailed it!

Sarah Wilson’s hard cover book

I was so excited to get this book for Mother’s Day. I have the ebook version, but when I am cooking, I like to hold a real book in my hand and this book is so pretty I get a ton of food inspiration from it. I’m really loving this lady!

Looking over the edge

Looking over the edge

Village Voices 2013 Launch Party

WE attended the launch party for the Village Voices 2013 Best blogger competition. Craig was about one of the only men in the room, which he of course loved! It was fab to see old friends and meet some really cool people. I just love my blogging community. So many people following their passions and inspiring others to transform their lives.

AND I am immensely proud of  myself for choosing to drive and forego a night of too many wines. I’m finally listening to my body! I had fun regardless.

Song of the week: Blurred lines by Robin Thicke

This is such a groovy, catchy tune

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What are you grateful and happy for this week?

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