Saturday Mojito with Caroline from Present Imperfection

This week on Saturday Mojitos we have the lovely Caroline from Present Imperfection.

I first met Caroline on twitter and was so happy to meet her in real life. She’s a real gem: friendly, vibrant and so easy to chat with. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her.

We also have a common love for gin, most often poured at 5pm! You should check out her new Gin Queens project

For now

Learn more about Caroline Childerley from Present Imperfection

present imperfection

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in the UK. We moved around a bit so I went to school in 3 different towns before I was 9.

First job you ever had?

I was a Saturday girl in a shoe shop. I got a great discount so this is where my love of shoes began. Unfortunately, dealing with customers’ pongy feet on hot days was not fun. (Oh me too- Caz)

Cheap or designer sunglasses?

Cheap! I’m terrible for losing, breaking or scratching them. I would prefer to spend my money on something I can’t lose or destroy in 10 minutes!

Who is your biggest girl crush? Boy crush?

Biggest girl crush…I have lots of these, many of whom are women I admire in real life. In terms of famous people? Caitlin Moran or Tina Fey. Funny and smart gets me every time.

Biggest boy crush…Chris Noth, Big in Sex and the City. Because? Well, Big!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We chose a December wedding so we could swing 4 weeks away. We had 3 nights in Edinburgh (where I got horrendous tonsillitis), Flew to India on Christmas Eve where we toured Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. India overwhelmed me with its colour, smells and difference. Seeing people in poverty for the first time was very confronting. It’s true that India changes you.

The Taj Mahal was the highlight for me, but seeing so many of the Maharajas palaces was also amazing. After a hectic week there we went to Sri Lanka for 2 weeks for more of a relaxing beach holiday, although we still managed to do lots of visits to temples.

If we were to meet for a drink, what drink could I buy you?

I am a self-confessed Gin Queen so it would have to be a Gin and Tonic.

Dream shopping spree destination?

I dream about visiting New York. We’ve talked about it for many years, but never quite got there. One day!

Any phobias?

I used to be very scared of spiders, but having children changed that, as I didn’t want them to be afraid. I think I might have a phobia of heights as I will gamely go up any tall building, but as soon as I’m up there I have a panic attack! My husband still laughs about the poor Japanese tourists who have me running through their photos at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Your favourite singer or band to see live?

Elbow. A brilliant UK band who had been together a long time before they got the attention they deserved, proving you never, ever give up on your dreams. The lead singer has the most beautiful voice and they really know how to interact with the audience. We were lucky enough to see them shortly after we arrived in Melbourne.

Coffee and cake…OR…wine and cheese?

Ooo, very tough this one. Can I say both?

Most annoying habit of your husband?

Extreme tidiness. Sounds great doesn’t it? A lot of my friends tell me how lucky I am. But for someone as messy as me, the reality is very different!

Kisses OR Cuddles?

I am a bit of a cheek kisser, but since we’ve been in Australia, I’ve cut down! I love cuddles though!

Pet Peeves?

Intolerance, queue jumpers, or insanely tidy people!

If I came to your house for dinner, what is your signature dish?

My husband is the better cook, but I would make you my veggie lasagna.

What is your idea of a romantic evening?

Dinner for two, because it’s so rare that we get any time alone. Then a walk along the beach.

 Any hidden talents?

Not that I know of, so very well hidden!

What would you like to change about yourself?

To stop listening to negative voices in my head.

 The best relationship advice that you have ever gotten?

Never go to bed on an argument. It’s difficult sometimes, but you’ll sleep better if you stick to this one!

 What quote motivates or inspires you the most?

Not long after I started my blog (Present Imperfection) a good friend shared this quote by Marilyn Monroe:

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

I love it.

Currently reading?

I have two books on the go – Mutton by India Knight, about a woman in her mid 40s and how she feels about aging. A good premise, but not very well executed. The other is Valerie Khoo’s Power Stories. As someone starting a new business it’s invaluable and very easy to read.

Your favourite travel destination?

France. I don’t miss the UK, but I miss its proximity to Europe.

I’ve been visiting France since I was 12 with school student exchanges (3 weeks in Bordeaux, no English people but lots of Aussie surfers!), booze cruises at Uni, then I worked for Yves Saint Laurent so I visited for work too. I am a little ashamed that I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been to Paris.

Since we had the boys we spent almost every summer holiday there. The wine, the food, the history, the variety of landscapes, the beaches and the weather, for me France is hard to beat.

What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is a day when I’m winning my battles with anxiety and depression. Or when I see my children giggling uncontrollably at something silly. Or making my husband laugh (in a good way).

What is the biggest advice you would give to your 21-year-old self?

Do a masters in psychology, go back packing and live by yourself. These things will make you more well rounded.

 What movie always makes you cry?

I am a sucker for slushy movies so it’s hard to pick one (I have been known to cry at Neighbours). Shawshank Redemption would be high on the list though.

Name of the first person you kissed and where were you?

Paul King, behind the bushes at our local playing field. I cannot believe I’m telling you that.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t think there are any surprises to learn. I tend to over-share on my blog! Although I am sure the answer to the above question will raise a few eyebrows!

Favourite makeup or skin care products?

I’ve been a fan of Liz Earle skin care for many years. I was so relieved when I discovered they ship to Australia.

What posters were on your wall growing up?

Duran Duran. I was a huge fan!

Describe yourself in three words?

Crazy, funny, tall.

What will you be doing 2 years from now?

Writing, creating and helping other people achieve their dreams, both personal, and professional.

So great to learn more about you Caroline! Thank you for joining me. Make sure you connect with Caroline on Present Imperfection and follow her on twitter and facebook.


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  • Lea @ Doula Training

    If someone’s gonna ask me:

    What will you be doing 2 years from now?

    I still cannot figure out the things that I would love to do 2 years from now.
    I think, climbing the Mt Everest is interesting. lol. Seriously, I wanted to bake and make my first fruit cake.


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