New E-course on idea generation and creativity for bloggers

Just a quick update to let you know of a new e-course my beautiful online friend Jo from Dex Diva has just launched.

You might remember Jo from my podcast last year when I interviewed her. We spoke about her challenges with endometriosis and how she manages this with parenting twins and her own design and online business.

She had helpful tips for productivity and creation then. Jo knows what she is talking about.

e course on blogging

Her e-course is just £10. You can find out more here

Jo says: “If you are a blogger creating posts for yourself, your company, clients or both, this e-course will give you handy hints, tips and tools to generate fresh blog post content and ideas. Alongside tools to work efficiently and creatively, I give techniques and workflow suggestions to get those ideas flowing and keep them organised at the same time. “

The course is delivered via email 3 days per week over 4 weeks, allowing you time to work at your own pace, build on the techniques and put them into practice.

The content includes:
• Working smarter to accumulate information
• Fostering a creative working environment
• Techniques to generate new ideas
• Tools for inspiration
• Workflow, apps and staying organised

Find out more here

Past course attendees said:“Great course, thanks! As I have only been blogging for a month and a half it has really helped me to think about my planning and approach. I am really pleased with my blogging process so far and have received good feedback, but this course has enabled me to think in depth about my approach and techniques for creativity. The email format worked well for me as I could save if I was busy and come back to the course in my own time. Will recommend other bloggers  ”“Really enjoyed it and found that it was bite sized enough to be able to fit it all in, sometimes courses can feel overwhelming! Some very useful tips and tools came from the emails.”

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