Gratitude and happiness

Phang Nga Bay Phuket Thailand

Having fun at Phang Nga Bay Phuket Thailand

Learning lessons

I love a good lesson. When they come at your expense though they are pretty tough to bare. We’ve been burned pretty bad the past couple of weeks. Sickness, lost contracts, blowing the budget and a dead computer. Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Boy, did we have to take stock. As always you can find yourself at the centre of it all, mostly that I had been completely shitty and ungrateful for a week.

I’m telling you gratitude works so well, you’ll understand that even more, when you’re not and everything crashes down around you. Time to pull my head in and do better.

Spending so much time with my daughters

Parenting is so tough and sometimes I feel more stressed by it than in love with it. No matter how challenging, I never fall out of love with my two little monkeys. I loved spending so much quality time with them in Thailand. They really are so precious.

Empowering quote

“The happiness of most people we know is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.”– Ernest Dimnet

Pitch Perfect

I watched this movie on my flight home yesterday and really loved it. It’s very Glee-esque, lighthearted fun. IT=t was the only good thing about flying Air Asia X.

Song of the week:  The riff off from Pitch Perfect

A really fun part of the movie


What I’m reading

Advice from Louise Hay: I loved reading this from Louise Hay in her latest newsletter. I couldn’t agree more.

 “From the moment I set my foot on my spiritual pathway, Life has taken care of me. I never thought about getting rich from doing what I did. My thoughts have always been: How can I help people?

“When Life calls us, that’s when we have to answer,” Louise explains. “When people ask me how I’ve accomplished everything I’ve done, I just say I’ve answered the telephone and opened the mail and did what was in front of me. That’s how I lived. It was as if Life simply took care of everything one step at a time.

“Today so many people want fast success. But when we’re on the spiritual path and responding to what Life presents us, I think the most powerful work we do happens gradually over time.

Would you let a gay person teach your children? by Woogsworld One of my favourite teachers in high school was my gay music teacher. He made learning so much fun! What a wanker Gaynor is

Street talk: Darren the artist- by Edenland I’m really loving how Eden is talking with strangers each week. What a golden nugget Darren is. This series reminds me so much of travel, just talking to random strangers learning about their lives and being impacted as a result. LOVE it.

Biltmore estate in photos: Part 1 andby Andi from My beautiful Adventures. I love the Biltmore House. We visited several times when we lived in NC. It is America’s biggest home and is so stunning. The vineyard there is equally as good.

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What's your gratitude and happiness for the week?

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  • Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    Thank you sooo much for your shootout, you made my day!!! I can’t believe our paths didn’t cross when you were living in NC. 🙁


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