Mojo magic tips: Two powerful books on creating magic

Chalong Bay sunset Phuket Thailand

I feel as if I have failed this past month quite miserably in the magical department.

I have had some wonderful and small magical experiences happen, but I have had many crappy experiences.

A lesson to me that I have not been full of gratitude and joy, and I did not meditate once when in Thailand–seriously bad decision. I could give you a bunch of excuses why, but they don’t help you change your life. I am working on re-correcting my slip in attitude and reconnect with my abilities to create magic in my life.

I will be rereading two of my favourite books for enhancing your ability to create magic and to see the true joy of living.

Wishes Fulfilled- Dr Wayne Dyer

This is such a powerful book to help master the art of realizing all your desires. I love how Wayne digs deep to uncover the spiritual values that lie beneath our thoughts and actions which drives our creations.

He’ll show you how easily you can tap into the amazing manifesting powers you have within you to create your ultimate life: health, wealth, relationships and happiness.

I also adore his I AM mediation CD, which I speak about in my emails series 6 powerful ways to use your mojo to create your dreams.

The Magic- Rhonda Byrne

For 28 days, Rhonda will show you how truly dazzling life can be. With a task a day to complete, she will teach you simple strategies you can employ daily to help create a magical life.

These mojo making tips work. Things exploded for me once I started following her strategies. I need to start the 28 day cycle again!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What is one of your favorite magic making books?

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  • Dorothy

    The 2 books looks very interesting to read. This are all great books. Wish I could read them.


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