My 7 day Asian detox with Dr. Tickell

This time last year I discovered Dr. Tickell. He changed so many things about my health practices.

I love his no-nonsense approach and of course his love for the Asian way of living. It’s certainly right in my flow!

I did his Great Australian Diet last year and lost a lot of weight. I’ve managed to maintain that throughout the year because of simple and healthy eating habits. I also spend a couple days every month cleansing, not starving like many cleanses think you need to do, but only putting pure plant foods into my body (and much less than usual)

A few weeks ago I received an email from Dr. John Tickell. Someone connected to his agent in New York recommended he check out my blog as she had seen me talking about his diet!!! I nearly fell of my chair and phoned Mum and Dad straight away. It was Dad who introduced me to his book.

Dr Tickell and I spoke the next day on the phone. He’s just as lovely in person. Funny and straight to the point. We spoke a little bit about blogging, family and he told me of his new TV show airing on PBS in America. What a fantastic new venture! Americans will love him and need his sage advice.

We are planning on catching up in Sydney for coffee or green tea in February.

He sent me a copy of his latest book The Great Australian Diet Recipe Book with a 7-day Asian Detox.

The Great Australian Diet recipe book


It’s not just full of recipes, but common sense advice on how to eat like those from the East. The facts don’t lie: longest life span in the world, almost no incidences of diabetes and heart disease, and no such thing as nursing homes as the elderly are so fit and vibrant.

I resonate with his thinking. Forget the fad diets, follow the facts-the Asian diet obviously has many lessons to teach us.

I also know I have never felt healthier than when I lived in Thailand and ate only their food.

I’m so excited about the simple, easy and varied recipes in this book and have already cooked several.

The best part of the book is the new 7 day Asia detox program. Craig and I did his detox last year and I love this slightly different version with the Asian spin.

Over the Christmas break, we both put on weight (me- 3 kilos) and my health issue flared up that had me worried I’d be back in the hospital. I saw my energy healer and have now gone gluten free, which again fits with most Asian food.

Craig and I are now on day 6 of the diet. We have both shred the weight, our energy levels are higher, my skin feels clearer, and I feel strong and healthy again. The first couple of days of cleansing were tough, but it was worth pulling through it.

As Dr John Tickell says, “Suck it up, its your own fault you are suffering!” Yep. Far too much indulgent food and drink.

The Asian detox came at the perfect time. We finish the diet just before we go to Thailand for 2 weeks to continue forming the habit of eating Asian style and feeling fantastic.

Western food is quickly moving out of my life. It might taste good for a couple of minutes, but after that it’s mostly nothing but feelings of glugginess and slush. Yuck. Give me deliciousness and feeling clean and healthy after!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you a fan of Asian eating?

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  • Joy

    I could not agree more about the Asian diet vs the Western diet. I was living in China for nearly 2 years and then came home for the holidays. Oh my goodness. Dairy does not make me feel good anymore. Maybe it never did! In China they have small portions of meat, no dairy, and lots of vegetables. They don’t eat as much fried food and rarely eat sweet desserts. They cook with a lot of oil but overall it’s still much better. The Western diet I started eating when I came home was bringing me down. Recently I decided to eat a plant based diet – for life. I’ve done a lot of research and it’s definitely what I want for my life. I feel much better in so many ways! How exciting that must have been to get a call from Dr. Tickell!!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It really is such a great way of eating. I always feel so fresh and clean and my energy levels shoot up. Makes a huge difference. I’ll never forget eating a cheese burger when I first arrived back to the West after living in Thailand, I was sick for days and could not believe how awful the food is. my body reacted immediately.


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