Mojo Magic tip: 2013 Awesomeness Jar

I discovered this magical idea from my energy healer, Tiffany. She discovered it where all great things are found, Facebook.

The period around Christmas and New Years can often be very stressful in many people’s lives. It’s when they look back on the year just lived and reflect on the goals they set at the beginning.

New Year’s Resolutions and goal-setting is hard work. A lot of the time people make them based on hope, not on commitment.

Hope stays on the comfy couch, commitment leads to action, which leads to growth, and often achieving the goals.

Goals are also tightly defined, and life just doesn’t flow this way. We map out the results we want to achieve with a quantified amount by a set date.

But, you know what, shit happens. Things get in the way, intentions change, paths turn windy, and there is always the underlying flow of the river-which is your ultimate purpose, steering your course. If you aren’t aligned with this you won’t achieve your goals.

What we then do is focus too much on what we perceive to be failures, rather than focusing on what we really learned and achieved throughout the year, which are the monumental changes that don’t relate to the goals, or the really small things that brought us a lot of joy that arose purely from living.

A way to get over this dilemma is to set up an Awesomeness Jar at the beginning of the year. Lucky I published this post today, as you have time to set yourself up for an amazing year.

awesomeness jar

Fill it up with great things

Each time something amazing happens this year, write it on a piece of paper and pop it into the jar. It doesn’t have to always relate to your goals or achievements; it can be simple as that magnificent sunrise you witnessed because you arose an hour earlier. Remember how beautiful it was and how grateful you’re felt to be alive. Write it down pop it into the jar.

Then come December 2013, you can empty your jar and have a true perspective on what the year really held for you. All the joy, the success, the smiles, and the gratitude staring back at you.

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Isn’t it a magical idea?

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  • Kathy

    Hi Caz – I love this idea. I’m so into recording things – whether doing videos, photos or just posting on facebook because it is the many little things that make up our joys and successes, and our lessons. Having a box or jar to open like a Christmas present at the end of the year sounds wonderful. For a long time I’ve focused on letting go of a lot of past stuff, guilt etc and this year, rather than making it about working through bad stuff I’m being open to letting in good stuff. I’m feeling good about 2013.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I think there is a great vibe in the air this year. HAven’t felt this in a long time! A prosperous year for us all I think.


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