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Making good decisions

We had a tough decision to make this week. I was quite anxious about it and fearful of making the wrong decison. This fear often comatozes us or leads us to make the wrong decision. I let the decision sit for awhile and see what came up for me.

I realized I didn’t want to make a decision and have been like that for several years because of a couple of years of really bad decisions where we lost everything. I no longer trusted myself and have left my life up in limbo other people to control the direction of it.

I told myself that this time I know better. I’m wiser now, I’ve forgiven myself and I can make a decision based on what is best and right and good, not one based on fear.

I’ll share in another post the process but we asked a lot of good questions and were very clear on what we wanted and I feel really comfortable and sure about our decision.

Ziera shoes

Ziera shoes

I tried these shoes on a couple of months ago and fell in love. I love shoes, but have never really fallen in love with any before. These shoes from Ziera are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever put on my feet and they are heels!! I was excited to get a pair during the week.

I can’t wait to wear them to Melbourne for Problogger and I don’t even care if they will be too dressy. Maybe I should wear them with my green dress?

Speaking of Problogger…

I’ll be speaking at Pro blogger

I was so excited to be invited to speak on the Social Media Panel at Darren Rowse’s Problogger Conference in Melbourne next month. Darren is like the Godfather of blogging and is an extremely nice man. I have so much respect and admiration for him so to be asked to speak at his conference is the BOMB!

Chris Guillebeau is also Keynote who is big in the travel/ unconventional life niche and I’m hoping to meet. I’m also happy to be on a panel again with Christine from Hair Romance who I also adore.


Don’t you love a place that is totally unexpected fun?

We visited Amazement on Tuesday on the Central Coast to shoot some video for our tourist board and were bowled away. It is set on a farm in the Yarramalong Valley and is filled with really cool things for kids to do. There is such a lovely, welcoming energy in the air. We had a bal chasing each other through mazes, riding bicylces around the property, watching sheep races, cuddling guinea pigs, ducklings and rabbits, and being entertained by an indignant peacock.

I loved loved loved that my children were involved in our work day. Kalyra even took a bit of directional control over the making of the video and the lines she should say. She decided that she should respond to my intro about the place with, “This place is AMAZING” and then run off into the maze.Brilliant addition.

Travel Pinspiration

Travel inspiration

We are so excited by the new series we have created on y travel blog. It’s all about sharing the travel inspiration via Pinterest with a weekly Saturday linky. We choose a theme each week, (This week it is our Top 5 wildlife photos) and we post our five fave Pinterst photos based on that theme.

We then invite others to do the same and share their link on our blog. We also have claimed the #travelpinspiration hashtag. So use it with your own photos on instagram and twitter and we’ll be looking to share our faves.

Check it out and come join us.

Empowering quote

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” William A Ward

Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian

Loving this song by Guy Sebastain. Does anyone think he has the voice of an angel? It is just so special

Giving away Australia Zoo tickets

Australia Zoo is one of my favourite Aussie zoos. Over on Kidspot we are giving away a family pass to visit the Zoo. It’s easy to enter. Click here

A new office

I am in the middle of creating our new office, so no photos yet, but I was super stoked to visit Officeworks and buy a new desk and chair for Craig and some organizing folders and trays for myself. It almost made me happier than my new pair of shoes.

I am desperate to become organized like my silent mentors Planning with Kids and The Organized Housewife. It was her decluttering your office that first got me interested in the Martha Stewart range at Office works.

Blogs I’m reading

Quick and easy vegeterian pasta by Nic from Planning with Kids. Love simplicity with cooking!

It’s time to feel beautiful again by Miss Britt from the Pursuit of Happiness. As  a long term traveller I get this post. I love this line: “It’s time to learn how to embrace both my inner and outer beauty and stop living in fear that one will diminish the other.”

7 Habits of Extraordinary People from Dumb Little Man I am working on fine tuning these. Are you?

Savannah joy

Savannah joy

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you happy and grateful for?

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