I am a WOMAN now

The red dress slipped over my head and hugged my body, a little too tightly, but thanks to my diet and exercise changes a lot looser than a few months before.

I was in the Myers dressing room. I’ve started to browse through their sales racks more, dreaming of the day I can buy straight off the pre-sales shelves. Their clothes just feel so good on.

They make me feel like a woman.

I had further confirmation of that once I had tied the dress up and with slight cleveage showing, Kalyra piped up,

“Wow Mummy, you look like a WOMAN.”

I giggled at her enthusiasm and cute encouraging observations and then thought,

“What did I look like before?”

Kalrya is a real girly girl princess. I am not.

I’ve always been about buying clothes not for labels or feel, but for price and practicality. I’ve always liked to wear dresses, but more the casual kind you sling over your cozzies while spending the day on a Thai beach.

She sure doesn’t get her penchant for fashion and style from me, which I am sure she is delighted to know.

And which was clearly expressed in her joy when she saw her Mumma standing there in a red dress from Myers that made her finally look like a woman.

I think I’m ready to embrace that side of me and will be putting more effort into the womanly me.

I had to swap the red dress for a green one that fit a little better and I’ll be wearing it this Saturday at the Blogopolis conference. I will be speaking aboout podcasting and learning so much more forom other wonderful bloggers. Please if you are gong come up to me and say hi! I will probably be feeling a little awkward in my new role as a WOMAN.

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  • kirri

    Have a wonderful time at Blogopolis in your new dress! Kalyra would get on really well with my three minions 🙂


    • Caz Makepeace

      I so wish you were coming Kirri. Would be so great to meet in real life.


      • kirri

        One day Caz. I really want that too x


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