The Metamorphosis Update- Week 2- 3

So I’m kind of losing track as to where I am up to with the Metamorphosis program as I can’t do the exercise part of it at the moment and I just found out I can’t for another two weeks. Ugh

I decided I was going to keep the eating plan going as I did not want to lose the gains I had made with weight loss while the exercise was on hold.

I didn’t gain any weight, I actually lost it, but I failed miserably with the diet.

I found Week 3 of the diet tough, mostly because I was sick.

My recovery from surgery ended up being killer. An infection set in which had me on really strong antibiotics (the ones the don’t-drink-alcohol rule was made for) and panadeine forte.

Both made me extremely ill and out of it.

The diet plan with Tracey Anderson program is pretty intense and the food, while at times easy to eat, when you are throwing up and miserable it exacerbates the agony.

I cannot even hear the word fake chicken and walnut salad without wanting to barf. The food in a lot of the up-coming weeks  sound so much better.

I decided since I don’t need to lose a lot of weight and I am doing really well, I am not going to follow the diet plan rigidly. I don’t want it the diet to be something that stresses me out and causes me to have a unhealthy relationship with eating well.

My healthy meals: Morrocan spiced fish and quinoa

I am combining the basic principles of the diet, with some of the recipes, and with what I learned about eating from Dr. Tickell. I am being super conscious to make better choices when eating out and I’m drinking far less coffee.

So I’d say I’m still making positive progress.

The main diet principles I am working on are:

  • Cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar. The only times  I struggle with this is when I am out and finding food that does not have this in it. Gluten free is a challenge.
  • Eating lots of salads, veggies, fruit and juices.
  • Reducing coffee to 1-3 a week instead of a day and I will now only drink it with soy milk and no sugar/ or honey instead.
  • Having the odd splurge and not feeling guilty.

I am feeling a lot better than last week when my illness imagined all these dire things happening to my health and body.

So the results from the last 10 days following this eating plan, not exercising and spending a lot of time on the couch crying with misery.

Bust: -3cm (not really into that) [-2cm in total]
Arm: -.5cm [-1.5cm total]
Waist: -1cm [-2cm total]
Hips: -0cm [-2.5cm total]
Thigh: -2cm [-4.5cm total]
Weight: -1.5kg [-3.5kg total]

I’m pretty happy with that. I love the accountability of the measurement every 10 days as it keeps me focused on seeing it through. It’s great to see your work pay off. Another reason I’m excited to wear beautiful dresses from Myer and feel like a real WOMAN.

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  • Kate

    Congrats Caz!
    I’ve been following the same basic principles for the past 6 weeks (eliminating wheat, dairy and sugar from my diet as much as possile) and am stoked with the progress I’ve made – without exercise (I only have the ‘end-of-term/writing-reports’ excuse for not MAKING the time to exercise). I’d don’t beat myself up over slipping up, but feel heaps better making the good choices!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s amazing the effect those three have on you. I had lunch today and went for the no wheat option but ended up with fried food not realizing it would be. IT was so heavy and yuck and I couldn’t eat it. I’m stoked because my body is learning to only accept good food. Excpet for wine, it hasn’t learned to reject that yet 🙂


  • Loulou

    Hello caz,

    You really do rock.
    I read the diet was over the top and thought it is a no go for me and so sorry to hear you were so sick.
    When you are sick all you can think about is getting well and a special diet is the last thing on your mind.
    I expect when I see you one day you are going to be a rock star dancer


    • Caz Makepeace

      Rock star dancer coming up! You’re such a great support Lisa, thank you!


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