A family picnic at Somersby Falls, Central Coast

I’ve known about Somersby Falls like forever.

Friends from school, who lived in the area, ried to convince me every day to make the 30 minute journey up the hill to go there. My best friend used to visit all the time with her boyfriend and flutter her eyelids about how serene it was.

I just wasn’t interested in going. If I wanted to see a waterfall then for me it had to be Victoria Falls or something close to that in scale and stature.

What a snob I used to be! (Really, I just didn’t have a boyfriend to take me there)

Luckily in my maturity I have discovered that joy can be found in the simplest of waterfalls and blades of grass.

Somersby Falls Central Coast


We took the girls for a visit up to Somersby Falls last weekend to shoot some video for Central Coast Tourism. What a great family job we have! The sun blasted out from behind the clouds at 27 degrees, we packed the picnic basket, grabbed my Magic book and sunscreen and away we went to discover finally just what was the fuss about this place.

Word must have seeped out about it because there were lots of people coming in and out. It is only a short walk from the picnic area to the  upper falls and then down to the lower falls.

Somersby Falls Central Coast

As there hadn’t been a lot of rain lately, the falls weren’t thundering like Niagara Falls, but it was pretty nevertheless.

I enjoyed wading through the water with the girls and taking their photos underneath it in the pretty light.

They had their beautiful new summer dresses on from Charlie and Me, an online store I have only recently discovered thanks to Pumpkin Patch. The designers of Charlie and Me are the same ones that design Pumpkin Patch clothes except they are a little more affordable. And they are so cute and colourful.

Charlie and Me

She loved being a model


Charlie and Me


Somersby Falls Central Coast

Time to explore

Somersby Falls Central Coast

The thundering falls

Somersby Falls Central Coast

Water fun

Somersby Falls Central Coast

Savannah joy

Kalyra Somersby Falls Central Coast

She’s sassy

Somersby Falls Central Coast

Come follow me Mum

After our play in the waterfalls we found a nice piece of grass to sit, relax and enjoy our picnic. I also enjoyed a little read of my book while Craig played chasings with the girls and taught them how to build a fire with twigs.

Picnic food at Somersby Falls


Somersby Falls Picnic

Fun with Daddy

The Charlie and Me Outfits

Savannah: Large spot bubble print dress $19.50

Kalyra: Drop waist floral dress $22.50

and block multi stripe dress $22.50 now $19

Charlie and Me

Block multi strip dress

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you like going to waterfalls with your family? Any special ones in your area?

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  • Cybele Masterman

    It looks gorgeous. We go up to the Central Coast all the time and I hadn’t even heard of Somersby Falls. We are definitely going next time we’re up there. It looks beautiful


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