Tidy Yourself Up This Valentine’s Day with a Pap Smear Test

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Admit it. You just cringed and felt a slight tremor of dread run through your body when you read those words didn’t you?

Pap Smear.

I’ve never met a woman yet who actually feels a tingle of excitement when they know “that time” has come.

Living in the States made it even worse as you had to have one every year there instead of every two.

Ah… the torture.

Once you have children though, and your dignity goes flying out the window the moment you strip off butt naked during labour, it does get a little easier. I mean who knows who saw you in your moment of glory then, you can’t even remember yourself being in the delivery room.

Writing this post now has made me tremor a little as I can’t remember when I am due for my next one. I know I haven’t had one since I moved back to Oz which has been 18 months almost. And I think I had one in the States just a couple of months before that which means

Ding Ding Ding

I’m due. And what a great time of the year to be due as it aligns with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Pap smear

Love Yourself

Now what does this have to do with anything? Valentine’s Day is for things going in not coming out.

Well, as we prepare for that romantic date, we usually make an effort to groom and tidy up ourselves right? Maybe some waxing, a new dress, ans some pretty perfume.

Well why not look after ourselves at the same time with a Pap Smear?

According to a Newspoll survey conducted in January 2012, two popular occasions for “personal and intimate grooming” are
Valentine’s Day and Pap test appointments.

The survey also uncovered worrying statistics that over 920,000 Australian women (13%) have never had a Pap test, despite the introduction of widespread Pap testing more than 20 years ago. It also shows 40% are not having regular Pap tests every two years as recommended.

The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation has come up with a genius campaign to help women remember when to schedule their pap tests.

Book it in at the same time that you prepare yourself for Valentine’s Day.

In support of this Valentine’s Day message, Dr Ginni Mansberg, resident doctor on Seven Network’s Sunrise and Morning Show, says it’s time for Australian women to treat this precious part of their body with the same level of TLC they lavish on the rest of their body parts; face, skin, hair, fingers and toes!

“Admittedly not as pleasant as a pedicure, a facial, or a body wrap, but a Pap test is as much about looking after yourself as a visit to your beauty therapist or local spa! But most importantly, Pap tests can be life-saving. They are the best way to find the early stages of cervical disease which could one day turn into cancer if left undetected or untreated,” she says.

Let’s face it your pretty fingernails and toes won’t be much good for you if you don’t make looking after your health a priority.

As Dr Ginni says, “By setting a Pap test date around Valentine’s Day, it’s is an easy reminder and a great personal commitment to yourself. Personal grooming is a special priority for many women on both occasions, so it means they’ll already be feeling and looking great, and the experience will be done and dusted for another two years!”

I mean, really, as horrible sounding and uncomfortable it is, it really doesn’t last that long. A few minutes and then your free to go. Just think of how free and healthy you’ll feel when you get back your results that show all is okay.

You don’t want to be kicking yourself for putting it off due to unnecessary embarrassment only to find that if you had of caught some abnormality a year earlier, all would be okay. Read my Life is a gift post and consider this reminder a gift to you.

Over 700 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and four women lose their lives to the disease every week in Australia. These numbers can be avoided if women just did what they had to do.

I’m going to get over my embarrassment; actually I have none after all the poking and prodding I’ve been going through lately. If I can do it, so can you.

Follow me now as I look after myself by picking up my phone to schedule in my Valentine’s Day Pap Smear.


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  • Christine

    I always get mine around November–one thing to check off the list so that I go into a new year with no worries! But this is a brilliant reminder about something that we often don’t discuss–nice, Caz!


  • Lauren

    Great message! I was quite surprised when I moved to Oz and realized you only had to get a Pap every two years. But you also have one of the lower cervical cancer rates in the world, so I guess it’s working!


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