Your Life is a Gift

A friend found out today he does not have cancer.


His wife was giving him a haircut and discovered a mole that was noticeably black. The doctor ran some tests on it with concerns it could be something none of us ever want to have.

The waiting was obviously excruciating. Sitting around waiting to hear if your life was close to being over, or that you have been just gifted a new lease.

“We got to it just in time. Another six months and it would have been too late.”

A simple haircut saved his life.

Who would have ever thought?

Life is a gift

That’s life isn’t it, we never know.

One thing I do know is that every moment we breathe is a gift and that life is gifting us all the time without us ever knowing.

When something like this happens we can very clearly see the gift which grants us the opportunity to bend down kiss the ground and cry with gratitude. We saw the possible end result and what it was that stopped us from getting there.

A friend was talking to me recently of his time in London. He had a ten hour layover in Gatwick airport and decided to explore London for the day. But for some reason he was not allowed on the train, and so he missed his chance to go into the city. That train chugged its way into London right where the bombs went off in 2005. He soon saw the miracle of life’s gift in that moment.

Every day there will be those interventions, but we don’t always get the chance to see them. We’ll miss the bus, or drive down the wrong road, or decide to do the shopping another day. Each of those choices could possibly have helped to steer us on the right path or save us from going down the one that leads to tragedy.

If we never know what lies waiting for us down that wrong path, we will never know how every day we are gifted with a new lease.

That is why we should never take any moment for granted. We should never get mad or frustrated with life as it could just be saving you from a fate that is far worse.

The only solution is to celebrate every single moment and to always be grateful.

Your life is a gift.

Don’t put it aside and wait to unpack it later. Be like a child, allow your eyes to open wide in glee, shake it, smell it, delight in it, unwrap it and live it to its fullest.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Has there ever been a moment in your life when you have been aware of the gift life gave you that offered you a new lease?

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  • Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    I was sitting in the ute (on the farm) waiting for my cousin who was talking to my Uncle. Something made me get out of the ute. I had no reason to, we were about to get going. But it was like someone said “Get out”. About a minute after I got out of the ute the handbrake failed and it rolled back and straight down a really steep incline. On the way down it flipped and hit a big rock. Where I had been sitting was crushed from roof to floor.

    At the exact time it happened (back at the house), my cousin’s wee girl who was 2 at the time asked her grandma (my Aunty) out of the blue if I was dead. Of course my Aunty was completely flummoxed why she would ask. Then my cousin’s daughter said, “Nevermind, she’s ok”.

    I’m not sure what to believe, but it was though she had sent “someone” to tell me to get out of the ute. Whatever it was that happened, I got a second chance that day.

    I’ve got a couple of other close calls too, but they might be adventures I can tell you another day 😉


    • Caz

      Wow Lainey! I had huge goosebumps while reading this. What an incredible intervention and so great that you are so in tune with your intuition. I think children are so much more connected than us and know a whole lot about things that are going on around us.


  • Toni

    Such a beautiful post Caz, truly. Life and the Universe will always give you a reminder to stop, take a breathe and learn to live life to the full again when we begin to get complacent about it.
    I was living hundreds of miles away from my cousin when he asked me to attend his engagement party…at 15 years old I made the place journey alone and was the only family member from my area to go. I was due to fly back on the Sunday but my flight was cancelled. First thing Sunday morning, he came downstairs to ask what I fancied doing during the day…he then had a huge fit in front of me. His fiancee and housemate were asleep despite my shouts and I had to take care of him and pulled his tongue out of his throat to stop him choking until the ambulance came. He went to hospital but was discharged later that day. the next morning at 4am (just two hours before I was due to leave his house) he had another fit and when he went to hospital again they discovered a brain tumour. He had surgery and everything is fine now but the doctors said that if I hadn’t acted so quickly on his first fit, he might not have survived. Fate. Pure fate.


    • Caz

      Wow Toni, what a story! I love hearing stories like this as it reminds me how magical and perfect life is. Everything is happening exactly as it should. Sometimes it is hard to grasp this; we need reminders


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