Big W Photo Shoot in Clontarf Sydney and a $100 Voucher Giveaway

Last week Kalyra, Savannah and I had a girl’s shopping date at Big W together. It was a lot of fun and they girl’s got some beautiful outfits for really reasonable prices.

Last weekend we went to Clontarf on the Sydney Northern Beaches for a photo shoot in their baby and toddler clothes.

Kalyra and Savannah Big W

Beautiful girls

It was the first time we had been to Clontarf Reserve and have now discovered a really lovely day trip down to Sydney. It was the first nice summer’s day we had had in such a long time so the reserve was full of barbecuing families, birthday parties, and kids enjoying themselves on the monkey bars.

We found a lovely quiet spot just off the beach under the shade of some big old Oaks.

Kalyra Big W

She loves princess dress twirls

It was lovely to see Rachel Devine again, who was the photographer, and who I hung out with for three days in Kuala Lumpur.

Kalyra was enamoured with Rachel and had such a fun time blowing bubbles and spinning around in her new dress. She loved being the model for the morning.

Kalyra’s pretty striped dress was only $15

Tapered blue jeans were a bargain at $9 and a really great fit. Her printed long sleeve shirt can also not be beaten for value at $4.48. Yes I did type it correctly

Kalyra Big W toddler range

She loves blowing bubbles

Savannah held it together without any complaining and looked just precious in her new baby clothes. Her pink terry coverall jumpsuit was only $4.74

Big W baby and toddler range Big W

Happy days in my jumpsuit

Going down to Clontarf for the photos gave us the perfect excuse to explore more of Sydney. Kalyra stayed in her lovely pink dress and we spend the day playing at Freshwater Beach and had lunch at Dee Why.

Big W $100 Voucher Giveaway

Givewaway is now over.

I’m not the only one who gets to enjoy the affordable clothing range at Big W. One lucky reader will receive a free $100 voucher.  The giveaway will open on 15 February 2011 and close at 5pm AEDST on 29 February 2012.

I will be judging the most original and creative entry to be the winner.

Terms and Conditions of the giveaway can be found here

To Enter:

Leave a comment and tell me if you were sent to a deserted island to for a week and given $100 to spend it on supplies, what five things would you take with you.

If you know anyone who is interested in receiving a $100 voucher then share this post with them.

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  • Lisa Wood

    Oh wow that is such a great bargain! Gosh I cant believe that you picked up the top for such a good price!
    If I was on a deserted Island and I could buy something to take that was a $100.00…
    1. Bottle of good wine
    2. Hire a hot man!
    3. Torch
    4. Pillow/blanket/towel
    5. massage oil…..

    Now don’t let my hubby see this comment (please!)



  • Michelle

    1. A Brita drink bottle with filter.
    2. Bulk pack of toilet paper.
    3. An umbrella. Polka dot preferably.
    4. One of those big tins of chupa chups
    5. A knife. Mostly to open chupa chups. Sometimes it’s almost impossible!


  • Kate McLean

    Ohh, such a dilemma. One week and $100 and a deserted island… I’d have to buy a sarong (can also be a towel, blanket etc.), bathers, some food, a good book and a week’s supply of mojitos!! Oh, and my deserted island is also a ‘tropical’ deserted island!

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂


  • PlanningQueen

    How great is that shot with the bubbles?? Such beautiful girls Caz!


  • jan

    Assuming my husband is on the deserted island with me, and there is a blue lagoon (like in the movie) and a coconut tree, I would take –

    1. A never ending packet of Tim Tams
    2. A bottle of rum (for the coconut milk)
    3. A double air bed
    4. A zip up tent (no bugs thanks), and
    5. A big bottle of sunscreen

    Sounds like paradise!


  • Jackie Stenhouse

    The photos of your girls are beautiful, very creative. Big W really do have some great bargains.

    Now if I was deserted on an island I would take a really good book, enough chocolate to last me the week, hammock, definitely toilet paper and pen and paper to write down my thoughts.


  • Mel

    Such beautiful photos! Your girls are gorgeous!

    My five things would be –

    1. A massive book – because a week alone on a deserted island would be the only way I’d get to read in peace!

    2. A hammock – so I could alternate between swimming and lazing!

    3. A net – for catching lobsters in the rocks (to eat) and wacking coconuts from trees.

    4. An ipod for music! – because I’d go a little crazy without it (might even end up with island fever!)

    5. A cosy sleeping bag – for the nights when the brezze picks up.


  • Denyse Whelan. Education Specialist.

    I am far too old for a desert island… but love the pics, and I grew up very very close to that beach, and spent many a weekend being taught to dive into the pool from the piers. Alas, still can’t. When my daughter’s kids were young, she’d being them to Clonnie, and my mum & dad would meet them there for a picnic. Nice memories…Love how these girls of yours are growing.
    Love Denyse


  • kirri

    Just here to enjoy the popping photos of all you beauties 🙂


  • Mary Preston

    1. Soap & lots of it, just in case a gorgeous pirate turns up.
    2. A hunting knife, just in case a dastardly pirate turns up.
    3. A flint, I watch SURVIVOR, you need fire.
    4. Fishing gear, because who knows how long before the gorgeous pirate turns up. I must eat.
    5. Bug repellant: I can’t be all spotty & blotchy now can I?


  • Kellie @ Three Li'l Princesses

    WOW! Those photos are just stunning, Caz.
    OK, 5 things:
    1. Bottle of wine
    2. Box of choccies (I know, all the essentials)
    3. A change of underpants
    4. A good book
    5. A box of matches.

    I know, not very practical, am I! 🙂


  • Melissa Okimoto

    ooooo good question:

    1. Spoon

    2. Sprinkles

    3. Chocolate sauce

    4. Serviettes

    5. Ingestion tablets

    ooooohhhh no wait did you say dessert island?

    Sorry my bad.


  • Nicole O'Brien

    Fishing rod, blanket, lollies, chocolate and tampons so I don’t attract the sharks.


  • Trish

    Love Big W for value when it comes to my twin boys , since I can’t pass anything down 🙁 – they last the distance.
    Such gorgeous pics of your cherubs

    *1 – Dora …because she has everything in that backpack of hers !
    *2 – Wine – Dora is underage so she won’t have wine !
    *3 – ‘Friday’ – because I think he was rescued and I can’t survive a week without looking forward to Friday .
    *4 – my iPad I have to stay connected to tell everyone about my adventures.
    *5- clothes because no one deserves to see me naked …someone one said I looked a little like Brooke Shields but they were only talking about my hair !!


  • Jasmine B

    Hmmm $100 and a week by myself on a deserted island……..
    I’d buy a box of matches,
    a knife,
    A sleeping bag,
    A lovely sun hat,
    and a snorkel set!

    I was just daydreaming just how lovely a week on an island by myself would be…..Blissful!


  • michelle rivett

    I’d take 5 Big W’s…
    1 Big Wide smile, kept clean with minty toothpaste
    2 Big Wheeled bikes, to scoot around with haste
    3 Big Water bottles, hydration is the key
    4 Big(ger) Wine bottles, something special just for me
    5 Big Watches, to keep track of the time,
    Because on a desert island, I’m sure I could easy lose my mind!


  • Chris

    Food, water, sunscreen, a hat and a couple of books


  • tamra childers

    a tarp for shade
    a fishing rod so i can eat
    a knife for all sorts of stuff
    matches for fire
    a book for boredom
    and a bucket just to carry stuff around in, you never know what you can find to be useful.


  • Melinda

    There are so many things to consider…

    1. Ipad
    2. Ipad
    3. Ipad
    4. Ipad
    5. Lipbalm.

    These are the two things I cannot live without!


  • Narelle Rock

    # 1 chocolate
    # 2 wine
    # 3 ipod
    # 4 swimsuit
    # 5 sunscreen

    that’s all a girl needs to have some special alone time!


  • Gabi

    Love your photos they’re great!

    My list:

    WATER to survive those long seven days,
    Not to mention the hot summer blaze,
    An UNDERWATER CAMERA’d be next on my list,
    To capture the marine life that exists,

    An INFLATABLE MATRESS for a comfy nights sleep,
    At Big W I’d be sure to find one cheep,
    Without my CHOCOLATE I’d simply go insane,
    So ( a few!) bars of Cadbury I’d also obtain,

    With no distractions I’d endeavour to crack,
    The mind torturing RUBIX CUBE- for years I’ve been slack,
    And given up too easily,
    Because there’s been no time for me,


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