Who likes Japanese Food for Lunch?

I think I want to go to Japan for a holiday and just eat.

They have the healthiest diet in the world, low obesity rates, and high life expectancy.

There is a reason for that and it all relates to diet.

Strong on fish, fruit and vegetables and soy products. I think places like Japan and other parts of Asia understand nutrition. It makes me so sad to see the influx of Western food there and the rise of obesity levels in the younger generations. Its just not right. We butcher food, they create magic with it.

Japanese food for lunch

Happy times

We had Japanese for lunch at Crave Sushi, Terrigal Beach yesterday. It was cheap, light, healthy and delicious.

Kalyra loved it as well which says something.

We started off with a bowl of edamames. I could seriously eat truck loads of these.

Edamames japanese restaurant

Kalyra and I fight for the edamames

No Japanese meal is complete without miso soup– do you know how hearty and nutritious this is for you? It’s a tad on the salty side which suits my taste buds but at $2.50 a bowl how could you complain?

My lunch finished off with some vegetarian inside out rolls. I was so ecstatic to feel full and refreshed but not at all heavy or bloated. This is real eating.

inside out sushi rolls

inside out vegetarian sushi rolls

Craig enjoyed Udon noodle soup with tempura vegetables. He was amazed at how good they were.

udon noodles with tempura vegetables


Next time you are going out for lunch consider Japanese.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's your favourite Japanese dish?

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  • Anne

    Hi Caz,

    Just curious what did Kalyra (I hope I spelled her name right) eat? I keep hoping I’ll get Emer interested in food that we like… haven’t quite gotten there yet so our exotic meals tend to be lunches out with just the two of us, which Emer is at school!



    • Caz

      Kalyra is usually a really picky eater. She used to be good until she turned three and went backwards. BUT she does tend to like Asian food. She fought me for the edamames and the miso soup (which I found strange that she like that!) she also shared some of her Daddy’s noodles, but she does like to eat them just plain. Start of small with Emer and introduce different foods at a time.
      Kalyra hadn’t eaten the edamames for over a year but she used to really love them. We spent a good ten minutes before they came out talkign to her about how much she used to love them and how delicious they are and how she’s going to have to watch Mummy as she’ll try to steal them they are that good. that seemed to peak her curiousity enough to try them. That is the battle, once they try it they usually like it.


  • Andrea

    I was most sad about missing out on all the Japanese food this year when we postponed our trip to Japan until another year. I love it! Don’t think John was as sad, though – he likes the taste but feels like it’s tiny food that never fills him up enough.


    • Caz

      Craig always says the same thing!! They just eat way too much. Fill up on sake in between instead 🙂


  • Michelle

    Mmmmm. Japanese food is my favorite, but hasn’t been very common or popular here in Spain until recent years. I’ve learned to make sushi, tempura, and other Japanese dishes here in the comfort of my own home just to satisfy my craving (and because it’s sooooo good!). Now that we live near the city, David and I have found two (two!!) Japanese food places we absolutely love!! We’re regulars now, and I’m such a happy camper seeing how the multiculturalism here is growing!


    • Caz

      I think I need to learn how to cook Japanese food at home. I can do miso soup okay but that is pretty simple. I’d love to learn how to make sushi. I’m so glad you have found a restaurant to love near you.


  • Emma d V

    Caz, I love Japanese food and recently discovered – Komeyui – a new Japanese restaurant in Port Melbourne. It is the only restaurant in Australia to boast an Hagama, an ancient cast iron pot in which rice is steamed to flavourful, fluffy perfection in a 900-year old tradition. Perfect flavours and they even match plum wines and delicious sake to different dishes. Yum, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Let me know what you think if you make the trip!


    • Caz

      Sounds delicious Emma! Thanks for sharing the tip, hopefully I can get to Port Melbourne soon to try it.


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